Boston Events – Deep Heaven Now
Boston Events – Deep Heaven Now

Boston Events – Deep Heaven Now

DHN is an East Coast psychedelic rock/ambient festival which continues the tradition of 90s Deep Heaven festivals of Boston. It’s going to take place at the Precinct Bar (stage 1) / P.A.’s Lounge (stage 2) in Somerville on August 7.

Continuing the tradition of the original Deep Heaven ambient/psych festivals of the 90s in Boston, we bring you Deep Heaven Now! Featuring the very best of the East Coast Ambient/Psychedelic Rock scene.
Happening outside of Precinct is the Somerville Rock N’ Roll Yardsale too — so get there early to check out hundreds of vintage records, arts/crafts, etc.!
Its an ATP/Lollapalooza-type event where one $10 admission fee gets you into both venues for the day. Precinct set times start on the 12 and PA’s set times start on the 6. Set times will overlap minimally so there’ll be plenty of time to check out almost all the bands if you want to. 19 bands $10!
This event is sponsored by Narragansett beer and WZBC 90.3 Flyweight. first 100 people to show up at the event get a free beer.
stage 1 – Precinct
12am – 28 degrees taurus
11pm – Asteroid#4 (from philly)
10pm – Soundpool (from NY)
9pm – Static of the Gods
8pm – Roh Delikat (reunion show)
7pm – The Vandelles (from NYC)
6pm – Telltale (from NYC)
5pm – Young Adults
4pm – Kuuluuko
3pm – Night Fruit
stage 2 – PA’s
11.30 – Doomstar!
10.30 – Bobb Trimble
9.30 – Abunai!
8.30 – Sounds of Kaleidoscope(PA)
7.30 – MMOSS
6.30 – The Hush Now
5.30 – The Vacant Lots (VT)
4.30 – Broken River Prophet
3.30 – Joe Turner&The 7 Levels
Age Requirement: 21+

Further Points of Interest: / Precinct / MySpace / Desert Race Boston


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