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And something else to go along with my recent review of Melvins show at Paradise and Boston Phoenix interview with King Buzzo.

When the Melvins cover five records from their vast catalog over the next two nights at the Paradise, by no means should anyone expect Roger Waters-like, note-perfect re-creations.

In opting to play “Lysol’’ (later changed to “Melvins’’ once the cleaning-product people cried foul), “Eggnog,’’ and “Houdini’’ tonight, then “Bullhead’’ and “Stoner Witch’’ tomorrow, the Melvins are certainly giving themselves plenty of suggestions. Released between 1991 and ’94, those records had the Melvins delving into drone, generating jarring soundscapes, crafting cogent hard rock, and covering Kiss, Alice Cooper, and Flipper.

“Those records sum up a lot of different aspects of the band,’’ said Hydra Head Records founder Aaron Turner, whose former group Isis was heavily influenced by the Melvins and eventually became tourmates with the band. “ ‘Eggnog’ is some of the most unhinged music the band has made. ‘Houdini’ is the Melvins at their rocking best.’’

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