Blog Summary – May 2020: Pt. 3
Blog Summary – May 2020: Pt. 3

Blog Summary – May 2020: Pt. 3

Looking back at our posts from May – one more time! See part 1 of the summary here and part 2 here.


12 Years of I Heart Noise

Guest Mixes: Vol. 1 – featuring Tread, Skyjelly, Solilians, J Moss / The Modern Folk, Andrew Weathers and Incentive.

Post-Independence Marathon: Vol. 1 – music from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and California plus list of new/recent releases.

Guest Mixes / Playlists

Jazz 2 Punk – guest mix by Soulscorch.

Exploring African Music – compiled by Greg Nieuwsma (Sawak).

Interviews / Quarantine Interviews

Thor Harris (Xiu Xiu, Swans, Thor & Friends)

Neuro…No Neuro – aka Kirk Markarian

Track by Track

Buck Curran – No Love is Sorrow

Closed Circuits – Lucifer

Video Premieres

Allister Thompson – Spirit


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