Blog Summary – June 2019: Pt. 2
Blog Summary – June 2019: Pt. 2

Blog Summary – June 2019: Pt. 2

The Month of June
Going through our posts from June (again) – think guest mixes, reviews and so much more! See part 1 here.
Review Batch – Eli Winter / M. Grig / Her Majesty’s Coroner for Wirral / The Holy Gasp (via Sam Wade)
Listen – Scarlet Sun Catchers (guest mix by Bill Mackay)
Roky Erickson Playlist – tribute to founder of 13th Floor Elevators compiled with help from our followers
Review: Velum Break – Bench Manoeuvres (via Jim Moon)
Boston Shows – June 2019: Kristin Hersh + KH Playlist!
Song Premiere: Sad Eyed Beatniks – Window Pane
Listen – Guest Mix by William Wright
Supersonic 2019 Preview – talking about some of the best UK have to offer when it comes to independent music festivals
New Music Releases – Pt. 2
Listening Room – Pt. 2
And lest we forget – when you buy our Spring Sampler through Bandcamp all the proceeds are going back to the artists. So take a look/listen if you still haven’t!


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