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Further discussion/recap of our posts from December! See part 1 here.

New Music Releases

Bill Barnett’s Picks – turning for advice on new music to Bill aka @burlveneer, one of our most trusted experts on the matter! Featuring Snow Palms, Four Tet, Misha Sultan, Tigersonic, Orgone, Monta at Odds, Muriel Grossmann and more.

Bandcamp Friday / Bandcamp Weekend

Picks by Nervous Curtains – Bloody Knives, Duma, Susan Alcorn Quintet, Psychic Graveyard, High Command and more.

Picks by Patricia Wolf – Hotel Neon, From Overseas, Carlos Ferreira, Melissa Pons, KMRU and more.

IHN Fest

Our very own music festival/livestream – happening on Youtube

12/1 edition featured music videos and live performances by Geezer Lake, Albert DeMuth, Pylon, Mount Mole, The Academy of Sun, The Night Monitor, Tapes and Tubes, Tara Clerkin Trio, Melted Bodies and many more.


Pt. 1 – featuring Gizeh Records, R Stevie Moore tribute, Secular Pineapple, Chant Records, Blackford Hill

Pt. 2 – featuring Home Normal, This is it Forever, Triplicate Records, Herhalen and more.


R.A.P Ferreira – Purple Moonlight Pages (via Jilk)

I can remember the first time I heard Milo. I was doing the washing up in the relatively grotty rental my fiancé and I occupied at the time. The Youtube algorithms had randomly selected Souvenir from So The Flies Don’t Come and I was halted in my tracks. The hazy, gorgeous production, effortlessly dripping out of the speakers, the opening bars ‘It’s the lazy theologian…’ . Philosophy, noodles, community, culture, literature, post-rock, laundry, white fans…half spoken-word, slam poetry delivery. I hadn’t heard hip-hop like this and I was immediately pulled in. The washing up water grew cool as I made my way through So The Flies Don’t Come twice in a row. My journey from convert to Milo fanboy was swift, aggressive and bloody brilliant.

Middle Blue – Weird Funk in Small Bars (via Dillon)

This is the first live album from this band(recorded just before the first Pandemic Lockdown) and when i say live, you can hear conversation during the tracks.

On a Different Note:


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