Blog Archives // January 2021 (Pt. 1)
Blog Archives // January 2021 (Pt. 1)

Blog Archives // January 2021 (Pt. 1)

New Music Releases

in which we talk about new albums that came out in January (with a little help from our followers)

Pt. 1 – featuring Patricia Brennan, White Boy Scream, Camp of Wolves, Burial Grid and many more

Pt. 2 – featuring Woflgang Merx, Body in the Thames, Auragraph and more

Music Recommendations

aka Listening Room – similar to new music roundup, except this one features a hefty chunk of music from years past!

Pt. 1 – featuring Cranes, Mariam Rezaei, Jesu, Thabang Tabane, Jeffrey Silverstein, Adeline Hotel and more

Pt. 2 – featuring Talk Talk, Lori Goldston, Karima Walker, Mt. Mountain, Trance to the Sun and more

Guest Mixes

VVMPYRE – mix by horror synth producer out of Michigan. Featuring Black Dresses, Suspiria, Street Cleaner, Aural Vampire, Void Vision and more.

Northern Spy Records – 2020 favorites picked for us by NSR / Adam Downey! Featuring Astral Spirits, NNA Tapes, Forever Living Originals, The Necks, Horse Lords, SUSS, Theo Parrish, TALsounds, Tara Clerkin Trio and many more

Music Reviews

Mount Mole – Flee Marker (via Neuro No Neuro)

Bob Melanson – Lima Charlie (via Soulscorch)


In which we break down the entire albums with the help from artists themselves!

Burial Grid – We’ve Come for Your Flesh

This Ship Argo – Always the Bees, Never the Honey


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