Bandcamp Sunday // Joshua Minsoo Kim
Bandcamp Sunday // Joshua Minsoo Kim

Bandcamp Sunday // Joshua Minsoo Kim

Joshua Minsoo Kim

One more post of Bandcamp recommendations for Sunday! This one comes courtesy of Joshua Minsoo Kim Toneglow/Wire/Pitchfork) who celebrates his birthday today, as we found out! 

Let’s support the artists we love, yeah? I’ll be listing recent and forthcoming albums I’ve been spending time with—all are things I very much recommend. Will be focusing on experimental music, natch.

Duma – S/T (Nyege Nyege) 

Love how this grindcore-ish album fits in perfectly on Nyege Nyege because of the percussion and some of the vocalizing. Occasional trap beats, some tracks that are more drone-y, others more harsh and industrial, all of it searing.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt – A Liquor of Daisies (Shelter Press) 

The same piano chord played over and over again atop some hiss & gauzier, fainter pianos. An album for burrowing deep in thought and making your day go slower. Painful, lethargic, kind. My fav Shelter Press of 2020.

Toshiya Tsunoda & Taku Unami – Wovenland 2 (Erstwhile Records) 

Tweeted about this the other day but this is a perfect blend of what these two artists do best & is stronger than the first installment. Field recordings creating a delusional haze; otherworldly yet familiar.

Philip Corner – Chord / Gong! (Unseen Worlds) 

Crucial Philip Corner reissue that’s exactly the sort of Corner release you’d expect to land on Unseen Worlds. “Chord” is 28 minutes of piano minimalism; tender and cute, not droney or austere. “Gong” is 21 minutes of cavernous, smudged piano (play loud!)

V/A – New Tulips (Regional Bears) 

A varied compilation that’s nevertheless tied together by a cast of killer artists (Matthew Revert! T.D.! MP Hopkins! Jim Strong! Gregory Whitehead!) providing sound poetry, outsider goop, field recording curios, and homespun sound art.

Hair Clinic – “Jim’s Place” (Regional Bears) 

My favorite of the new Regional Bears batch. Field recording ephemera that’s homey and comfortingly low key. Feels unexpectedly filmic in the way each vignette captures different aspects and moods of ostensible small town life.

Alvin Lucier – Works for the Ever Present Orchestra (Black Truffle) 

100 minutes of psychoacoustic goodness, here with Ebowed guitars creating entrancing sound worlds. Love the sparse piano on “Tilted Arc” and “Semicircle” and the subtle oscillating madness on “EPO-5”.

Minamo – Superscience (901 Editions) 

Precious, transportive ambience in the expected-but-welcome nostalgic, playful and sublimely beautiful Japanese mode. A warm, comforting listen. Sweet but never cloying because it feels so sincere and is arranged so thoughtfully.

Fabio Perletta + Luigi Turra – Ma 間(901 Editions) 

Architecture-based sound art that unravels both tenderly and confidently. A real strong sense of space which makes things feel ominous. Close-mic’d rustles, wind-like drones, sparse talking, white noise and more.

Still House Plants – Fast Edit (Blank Forms Editions) 

Rock album of the year, hands down. The best rock band of the past half-decade, hands down. Tracks unspool in off-rhythms and belted-out warbles. Post-punk, post-Slint, dance-punk, free-improv—I swear to God buy this.

Catherine Christer Hennix – Unbegrenzt (Blank Forms Editions) 

A 52 minute piece from a master. I love how CCH’s works are more varied than you’d expect. This one’s murkier: distant sounds of clanging, the piecre of sine tones, smidges of synth noodling, knackered vocals.

ГШ (Glintshake) – Гибкий график (Self Released) 

Kate NV’s post-punk band. Eschews ОЭЩ МАГЗИУ’s tight editing for more sprawling jams (first track is a 21 minute slow burn, another is 16 minutes). At times zany, almost zolo-ish. Somehow both claustrophobic and spacious.

Catriel Nievas & Juan Manuel Patricio – Ollas Como Urnas (1049 Records) 

Virtually unheralded Argentinian musicians doing some fun experiments. Field recordings, ambience, playful editing, charming digital/phone sounds, moody electric guitar. Pay attention to Argentina.

Rosso Polare – Lettere Animali (Klammklang) 

The best album of early July that’ll likely get no Western press. Free improv inspired by Mediterranean folk, merges that with jazz skronk, electroacoustic gloss and field recordings. Beautiful and incredibly charming.

Carol Genetti & Claire Rousay – Live at Elastic Arts (Astral Editions) 

Old school (lol) Rousay in the knick-knack percussive zone that blends wonderfully with Chicago hero Carol Genetti’s extended vocal techniques. The sort of dry and raw improv that hits right.

Toshioki Matsumura – A Visual Brain: 1986-1993 (chOOn!!) 

One of the only recent Japanese archival release that wasn’t released prior. Delightful & kaleidoscopic pieces for Matsumura’s video art. Arty synth wonk, “fourth world”, breakbeat bliss, & minimalism.

Elizabeth Chin, Anetunde “Zaza” Geffrard, Casey Anderson – yon ti vizit (A Wave Press) 

A single track 21 minute track recorded in Haiti. Features a crying baby, praying, talking, and the buzzing of insects. Super unadorned, super simple. I miss being around people.

Erik Carlson & T.J. Borden – Tide by Matt Sargent (A Wave Press) 

Some straight-up multi-string droning that begs to be played LOUDLY so you can take in all the ways it subtly evolves. Second piece is a total killer. Best Sargent project since Ghost Music.

Yui Nakamura – darkthroat (Meenna) 

The biggest standout from the Ftarri world in a minute. A true scorcher of an extended vocal technique album that aims for minute sounds and pits that against screeching electroacoustics, viola, clarinet, flute and silence.

Suzueri – Fata Morgana (Hitorri) 

Also notable from Ftarri HQ is this old-school EAI delight from Suzueri. She starts off both pieces with a single piano note & plays it throughout. It anchors everything as things rev up into some raucous but controlled noise biz.

Komare – The Sense of Hearing (Penultimate Press) 

Ten tracks of drugged-out fog. This one coheres stronger than their self-titled release; just real turgid and dreary stuff w/ mouth sounds and field recordings and buzzing electronics. Feels like swimming in a sewer.

Robert Merlak – Finomehanika (Cold Blow) 

First album in 20 years from Merlak and it’s a real treat. Sound collages that capture the feeling of moving in and out of sleep. Some tracks steer vaguely IDM-y or glitchy, but it’s all bound through tight arrangements.

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong – Harbors (Room40) 

Fullman’s on her long string instrument as per usual, but I really like how it’s juxtaposed with Wong’s cello playing. Love when it moves away from being longform droning. Serene.

Taku Sugimoto & Stefan Thut – Atama 頭 (Zoomin’ Night) 

Best recent thing in the Wandelweiser world. The two recorded themselves 50 feet apart along a river and another time on different floors of a building. The sounds of nature really add to the soft playing here.

Rudolf Eber – Paracusia (Self Released) 

A new one from the always enigmatic and forever underrated Rudolf Eber. A single 35-minute track that develops wonderfully—love how the noise occasionally vaporizes to leave a single tone.

Eiko Ishibashi – Trip on a Wire (Self Released)

Tracks made for the Japanese theatrical release of Fassbinder’s World on a Wire, which should be a nice treat before Ishibashi’s next album on Black Truffle. Some shimmering synth ‘n electroacoustic haunts and drones.

Jeph Jerman – Albuquerque (Grisaille) 

Killer Jeph Jerman release from the latest Grisaille batch. Field recordings that make you feel like you’re in abandoned spaces. The second track is particularly stunning as it features his classic percussive micro-rustling.

Jrpjej – Qorror (Ored Recordings) 

I need to take a moment to highlight this new album from the unimpeachable Ored Recordings, who are doing some incredible work getting traditional music out into the world. Beautiful, contemporary takes on Circassian music here.

Perila and Ulla – Silence Box 1 (Self Released) 

Lovely little collaborative album from Perila (Sasha Zakharenko) and Ulla. Feather-light ambient, ASMR-like field recordings and object shuffling. The ambient tracks have a soft dubbiness to them, as you’d expect.

Ana Jikia – Freezing of the Universe, Splitting of the Sun (Blue Yogurt) 

A stunning album from Tbilisi-based label Blue Yogurt. A huge variety of stuff here—field recordings capturing daily life and song, melodic sound collage, jarring vocal edits, dance tracks. Buy.


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