Bandcamp Sunday // Burial Grid
Bandcamp Sunday // Burial Grid

Bandcamp Sunday // Burial Grid

Closing out our round of recent Bandcamp recommendations is Burial Grid!

Read track-by-track of his latest album and/or dive into our archives.

Cat Temper – More Than a Feline (Self Released)

Polypores – Chaos Blooms (Polytechnic Youth)

ISVISIBILE/ISINVISIBLE – Moon-White Water (Burning Witches)

The Unseen – Take My Hand And Come With Me To Hell

Full Eclipse – Crystal Displays

Malarki – Demacinate / Entropy / Apparition / Mojave

The Broken Cradle – Gilead

Imrryr – The Dreaming City

Lord Mantis – Death Mask (Profound Lore)

EXPANDER – Neuropunk Boostergang (Profound Lore)

Lars Haur – The Cosmological Despair (Anticipating Nowhere)

Salvatore Mercatante – The Foundations of Eternal Sin (Castles in Space)


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