Bandcamp Saturday // Nervous Curtains
Bandcamp Saturday // Nervous Curtains

Bandcamp Saturday // Nervous Curtains

Nervous Curtains

Just because Bandcamp Friday is over doesn’t mean that party needs to stop, right? Here’s a round of BC recommendations courtesy of Texas trio Nervous Curtains!

Even more Bandcamp recommendations in our archives.

Bloody Knives – 70 Years of Static (Self Released)

OK I technically did not buy this today. I had pre-ordered it. But anytime there is a new @TheBloodyKnives album out, it’s cause for celebration for those who like a little shoegaze in their post-industrial wall of noise rock music.

UKAEA – Energy Is Forever (Hominid Sounds)

I found this London electronic artist UKAEA on @theQuietus year-end list and was instantly in love. It feels very alien and the description depicts kind of a Le Guin anarcho future. There are collaborators from some psych rock bands. Unique, mind-bending.

Susan Alcorn Quintet – Pedernal (Relative Pitch Records)

I love the pedal steel guitar and Susan Alcorn is one of the best. She pushes the instrument in directions I’ve never heard anywhere else. This is somewhat of a jazz record with a rhythm section and violin. Also found on @theQuietus list

Duma – S/T (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

I’ve almost bought this DUMA album several times this year. It’s an artist from Uganda making extreme music that utilizes percussion, noise, electronics, and death metal vocals. I also love the label Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Angry Blackmen – HEADSHOTS! (Deathbomb Arc)

I only became aware of @ANGRYBLACKMEN a few days ago when they liked a tweet of mine. I watched the video on their profile and was immediately sold. It’s high-intensity, yes angry, hip hop that is extremely timely and it’s on cool label @deathbombarc

Psychic Graveyard – Mouths (Deathbomb Arc)

While I was on the @deathbombarc I checked out Psychic Graveyard because I liked the album cover and this is very up my alley. Moog and percussion jams also featuring timely tales of anti-maskers and such. Impulse purchase.

High Command – Everlasting Torment (Self Released)

The thrash metal band High Command who put out an incredible debut on Southern Lord last year put out a new 2 song EP today. So I had to grab it up, because good modern thrash is hard to come by.

pulseCoder – Wicked Transmission (Holodeck Records)

As a TX synth musician, obv I’m a fan of all things @HOLODECKrecords. They put out a single by Pulse Coder who blew my mind at Dallas Ambient show last year. Grabbed their previous single, too.


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