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Nate Holdren

Another round of Bandcamp picks for the Saturday night! This one comes courtesy of Nate Holdren aka AGED.

More Bandcamp recommendations in our archives.

FACS – Void Moments (Trouble In Mind)

Melodic and kinda dark post-punk. Moody drums, distorted bass, what sounds like guitars made to sound like keyboards.

Tunic – Exhaling (Artoffact Records)

Tunic! LP of a couple new tracks and some out of print older stuff. Frenzied noise rock, trebly guitar over thundering bass and drums, shouting.

Big Lad – Hand Tools (Hominid Sounds)

The Hominid Sounds stuff I ordered: Big Lad’s last EP. Synth and live drum party music. A clone made from the best of Aphex Twin and Andrew WK.

Mike Neaves, “Modern Horrors” (Hominid Sounds)

clanging, bleeping, frenetic broken beats, like a dance record that took many uppers and tied itself in knots

Deathbird Stories, “Summonings” (Cruel Nature)

This is one of the records I wish my music sounded like. Sad atmospheric drones and searing Godflesh stoner-metal-but-somehow-shoegaze distortion and incomprehensible human voice.

Gaffa Bandana – Fraught in Waves (Human Worth)

I decided fuck the shipping costs and bought the Gaffa Bandana digital EP with print of the beautiful cover by their drummer, visual artist Jennie Howell. The music’s heavy and sad and ferocious.

Evan Gildersleeve – Mortal (Human Worth)

From the same label Human Worth (profits go to charity btw) I also got this Evan Gildersleeve single, again the digital tracks with art print, such a cool idea IMO. This is my prettiest music I bought today, drone/ambient with mix of electronic and analog

KMRU – drawing water (Self Released)

And this is the KMRU (I believe it’s pronounced “kumaru”) release I decided on, digital again. I want to get his other stuff on vinyl if shipping costs calm down. Lovely minimalist ambient music with field recordings.

Mark Dicker – Flyalarm (Self Released)

I also decided to get this Mark Dicker EP. Dicker makes music on modular synths which look like a combo of old telephone switchboards and spaceship controls and sound like they’re from a mountain on Mars. His “Carrier Waves” was one of my 2020 favorites.

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