Bandcamp Saturday // David Abravanel
Bandcamp Saturday // David Abravanel

Bandcamp Saturday // David Abravanel

David Abravanel

Marching on with our Bandcamp Saturday! Up next are 8 albums of choice from our follower David Abravenel!

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Beans – Team BreakUP (Hello L.A.) 

The Warp Records alumnus worked with the producer Steve Freshfield on the 11-track record, which will come out on a 100-press cassette as well as digital, though the latter is up for pre-order at a price of €666. Over the years, Beans has developed a reputation for outré rap and a production, both as a solo artist and a member of the groundbreaking avant-rap group Antipop Consortium. He has also collaborated with experimental jazz artists like William Parker and Hamid Drake. – Resident Advisor

Coppé – O of M with Coppé (Mango + Sweetrice Records) 

2012 Deluxe Re-issue of 1997’s ‘O of M with Coppé’ album, with exclusive bonus track.

Coppé (pronounced Co-Pay, and often written as Coppe’) spent most of her childhood between Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii learning classical piano and ballet at a young age. She then moved to Arizona, set up a studio and began exploring atmospheres and sounds in electronic music. Over recent years she has affectionately gained the title of “The Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica”. She is presently located in Japan and manages her own label, Mango & Sweet Rice.

Lamin Fofana – Blues (Black Studies) 

Lamin brings his beautiful trilogy to an end with a splash of dawn

Taking inspiration from Amiri Baraka’s seminal text Blues People, Lamin Fofana creates ethereal soundscapes channeling diasporic Black experience, finds Kashif Sharma-Patel – The Quietus

VA – Fugitive Pieces (Seagrave)

Compilation on @Seagrave_. I love REQ and Ekoplekz, and a recommendation from @joemuggs is always solid

Phil Niblock – G2,44+/x2 (Room40)

Drone legend arrives on @room40speaks! Plus the packaging looks fantastic.

Bokeh – Lenses Dances (Mirae Arts)

Katsunori Sawa & Anthone (aka Martsman) are Bokeh, the dynamic duo behind some of the notable releases on Berlin’s Weevil Neighbourhood. Bokeh blends together the distinctive styles of techno, D&B, and drone music into a concrete, hard-stepping rhythmic journey.

Lenses Dances comprises 8 tracks that reflect on the photograph effect called bokeh, where aperture settings of the respective camera lens create vivid patterns, almost like dancing dots. It is a dedication to the artists’ love for photography.

Alvin Lucier – Works for The Ever Present Orchestra (Black Truffle) 

This is a very special release for the composer, as it presents pieces written for the thirteen-member Ever Present Orchestra, formed in 2016 exclusively to perform Lucier’s works. At the heart of the ensemble are four electric guitars, an instrument Lucier began composing for in 2013 with Criss-Cross (recorded by two core members of the Ever Present Orchestra, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley, for whom it was composed, on Black Truffle 033). Through the use of e-bows, the guitars take on a role akin to the slow sweep pure wave oscillators heard in many of Lucier’s works since the early 1980s, but with added harmonic richness.

Hank Smith – Let’s Go Away For Awhile (Sound Judgement) 

Full album cover of Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds with a bent towards hazy chillwave sounds, tip! New on @imigaryaimig ‘s Sound Judgment label


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