Band Profile – Karp
Band Profile – Karp

Band Profile – Karp

“Karp is the only band I like in your entire catalog.” (note from K Records customer)


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Washington-based Karp never got much credit for their work and part of it can be attributed to constant comparisons to Melvins, to the point where many saw band as nothing more than Melvins clone. However, band lasted for quite a long time and after their dissolution, few members actually ended up playing in Melvins, as well as Big Business, with whom Melvins shared the stage.

Karp formed in Olympia, WA (Tumwater, WA, according to sources other than Wikipedia) in the early 90s. It consisted of Chris Smith, Jared Warren and Scott Jerrigan. Their first full-length was 1994 “Mustaches Wild” (preceded by “Freighty Cat” / “I’m Done” 7-inch singles). Due to personal conflicts they broke up in the late 90s due to personal conflicts, with members moving to a number of other projects/bands including The Whip, Melvins and Big Business.

Drummer Scott Jerrigan died in a boating accident in 2003, some time after finishing 7″ with his band The Whip, which also included Joe Preston.

Jared Warren formed The Tight Bros Way Back When and later joined Melvins/Big Business.

Fun Facts:

  • Their name comes from newsletter/zine that Chris Smith was working on in high school. It stands for Kill All Redneck Pricks.

Scott Jerrigan (1975-2003) (The Bronze, The Whip)
Jared Warren (Big Business, Melvins, The Whip)
Chris Smith (Newlyweds, Witchypoo, Ika Panthers, German Shepherds, Loud Machine)
Freighty Cat 7″ EP (Atlas, 1993)
I’m Done 7″ (Kill Rock Stars, 1993)
Karp and Punk in My Vitamins Proudly Present: Thumwater T-Birds 7″ (Punk In My Vitamins, 1994)
Mustaches Wild (K, 1995)
Split with Rye Coalition (Troubleman Unlimited, 1995)
Suplex LP/CD (K, 1995)
We Ate Sand / Bastards of Disguise 7″ (K, 1996)
Self-Titled LP (K, 1996)
Prison Shake / Rowdy (Up Records, 1998 )
Action Chemistry (Punk In My Vitamins, 2001)
Compilation Tracks:
Leather Face” on Julep (Yoyo Recordings, 1993)
Gauze” on Stars Kill Rock (Kill Rock Stars, 1993)
Rocky Mountain Rescue” on Jabberjaw – Good To The Last Drop (Mammoth Records, 1994)
“Let Me Take You Home Tonight” on Bostonot (Face The Music, 1994)
Get No Toys (When You Pay The Money) on CMJ Presents – Certain Damage Volume 69 (College Music Journal, 1995)
Get No Toys (When You Pay The Money) on Mind The Gap Volume 6 (Gonzo Circus Magazine, 1996)
Something About Jaguars” on Los Angeles Live Vol.1 (KXLU, 1996)
How Si Si How” on Project:Echo (K, 1996)
I’d Rather Be Clogging” on In Memory Of Jason (unknown label, 1996)
Me Big Mouth” on Yoyo A Go Go (Yoyo Recordings, 1996)
Prison Shake” on Up Next (Up Records, 1998)
I’m Done” on Multi-Vitamin Compilation (Punk In My Vitamins, 1998)
Bacon Industry” on Yoyo A Go Go – Another Live Compilation (Yoyo Recordings, 1999)
Me Big Mouth” (original by Long Hind Legs) on Karp / Long Hind Legs split
Were Covered By:
Todd (“Forget The Minions”) on Forget The Minions 7″ (Southern Records, 2007)
Live in Alabama (1996) – tracklist:
Bacon Industry
Fucking With Your Head
We Ate Sand (Si Si How)
I’d Rather be Clogging
Forget the Minions
J is for Genius

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