Band Bios // Terminal Cheesecake
Band Bios // Terminal Cheesecake

Band Bios // Terminal Cheesecake

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TC were a late 80s/early 90s UK band that was seen by some as a British answer to Butthole Surfers. They also had plenty of connections with a whole number of like-minded bands like Skullflower and Godflesh. Another curious aspect of that band was their obsession with drug references (as seen in song titles).
Terminal Cheesecake was formed in the late 80s by Gary Boniface, who was previously involved in several rockabilly bands. He was joined by guitarist Russell Smith of A.R. Kane and M/A/R/R/S fame. Together they recorded a Bladdersack EP, which came out on Wiiija label (which became the first release for both label and the band).
Their first-length album was “Johnny Town Mouse”, whose title was based Beatrix Potter Story. It also marked the appearance of guitarist Gordon Watson, who later became a full-fledged member of the band.
Second full-length called V.C.L. (Valium Chicken Leg) came out in 1989 and contained a cover of Flipper’s “Sex Bomb”. 1990 “Angels In Pigtails” came out on Pathological Records, the label which released a compilation that contained TC tracks alongside tracks by heavyweights like Carcass, Godflesh, Napalm Death and Coil.
They followed with a couple more albums – 1992 “Pearl King Of The Jewmost”, 1993 “Gateau D’espace” EP and 1994 “King Of All Spaceheads”, which proved to be their final album. They broke up in 1995 and most members moved to dub/techno oriented project called Bud Alzir.
Gary Boniface (Bud Alzir, Gedulah Vs. Cheesecake)
Gordon Watson
Joe Jobbagy (Ice)
Joe Whitney (Flaming Stars, Minxus)
Russell Smith (Skullflower)
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Bladdersack 12″ (Wiiija, 1988)
Johnny Town-Mouse LP (Wiiija, 1988)
V.C.L. LP (Wiija, 1989)
Angels In Pigtails LP / CD (Pathological Records, 1990)
Unhealingwound 7″ (World Serpent, 1991)
Gateau De Space 12″ (Jackass, 1992)
Meathead / Car First (Split with God) 7″ (Clawfist, 1992)
Pearleasque King Of The Jewmost LP / CD (World Serpent, 1992)
Gateau De Space CD (Jackass, 1993)
King Of All Spaceheads CD / 2xCD / 2×12″ (Jackass, 1994)
Oily Hot Knife 7″ (Jackass, 1994)

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