Band Bios // Sun City Girls
Band Bios // Sun City Girls

Band Bios // Sun City Girls

They’ve never made any sense, conventionally speaking, and that’s what makes them fun – Ted Hendrickson, Village Voice

Sun City Girls were ‘the first truly crazy band to emerge from the shards of hardcore’ (Byron Coley)…also according to Coley, Sun City Girls laid the foundation for today’s new American sub-underground: ‘Without these french-fried, grass-skirted motherfuckers it would all sound like MerzbowErik Davis, The Wire

Sun City Girls are three Arizonan MEN who are into world musics of all kind, field recordings, aggression, disturbing humor, obscurity, confusion, profanity and improvisational noise jazz played on rock instruments. That last one is the downfall of their catalog. Like Frank Zappa and Psychic TV, for some reason they feel that every single note that they’ve ever played deserves to be released – which makes for some incredibly annoying lo-fi live recordings of the band just dicking around on stage. And this sucks the wang of the editor of Kerrang because their good stuff is REALLY good: funny, oddball, unique, well-performed and intelligent. – Mark Prindle

Sun City Girls LP (Placebo Records, 1984)
Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema Cass / LP (Amarillo Records, 1986 / 1994)
And So The Dead Tongue Sang EP 7″ (Pulp Records, 1987)
Horse Cock Phepner LP / Cass (Placebo Records, 1987)
Torch Of The Mystics LP / CD (Majora, 1990 / Tupelo Recording Company, 1993 )
You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette 7″ (Majora, 1990)
Dawn Of The Devi LP (Majora, 1991)
Three Fake Female Orgasms 2×7 EP (Majora, 1991)
Eye Mohini EP 7″ (Majora, 1992)
Live From Planet Boomerang 2XLP (Majora, 1992)
Napoleon & Josephine 7″ (Scratch Records, 1992)
Outhouse Of The Pryeeeeeeee / Wheat Delusion (Split with Thinking Fellers Union Local 282) 7″ (Nuf Sed, 1992)
Play Let’s Just Lounge & Immortal Gods 7″ (Majora, 1992)
Borunguku Si Derita 7″ (Majora, 1993)
Bright Surroundings, Dark Beginnings LP / CD (Majora, 1993 / 1998)
Kaliflower CD (Abduction, 1993)
Live At C.O.N. Artists LP (Poon Village, 1993)
Valentines From Matahari LP / CD (Majora, 1993 / 1998)
Apna Desh 10″ (Perfect, 1994)
Cloaven Theater VHS (Abduction, 1994)
Juggernaut LP (Abduction, 1994 / 2007)
Piasa…Devourer Of Men LP (Amarillo Records, 1994 / Abduction, 2007)
330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda 2xCD (Abduction, 1996)
Dante’s Disneyland Inferno 2xCD / 3xLP (Abduction, 1996 / Locust Music, 2002)
Box Of Chameleons 3xCD (Abduction, 1997)
Live From The Land Of The Rising Sun CD (Japan Overseas, 1997)
Dulce LP (Abduction, 1998 / 2007)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.1: Cameo Demons And Their Manifestations CD (Abduction, 2000)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.3: Superculto CD (Abduction, 2000)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.4: A Bullet Through The Last Temple CD (Abduction, 2000)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.5: Severed Finger With A Wedding Ring CD (Abduction, 2000)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.6: Sumatran Electric Chair CD (Abduction, 2000)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.7: Libyan Dream CD (Abduction, 2001)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.8: The Handsome Stranger CD (Abduction, 2001)
Flute And Mask CD (Abduction, 2002)
Wah CD (Abduction, 2002)
Bleach Has Feelings, Too! / To Cover Up Your Right To Live 2xLP (Eclipse Records, 2003)
Carl The Barber / Authentic Field Recording (split with Carl The Barber) 7″ (I Don’t Feel A Thing, 2003)
God Is My Solar System / Superpower 2xLP (Eclipse Records, 2003)
True Confessions Of Homeland Security (Empirical Recordings, 2003)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.11/12: Carnival Folklore Resurrection Radio 2xCD (Abduction, 2004)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.13: 98.6 Is Death (Abduction, 2004)
Fresh Kill Of A Cape Hunting Dog / Def In Italy 2xLP (Eclipse Records, 2004)
If It Blows Up…Park It!!! VHS (Abduction, 2004)
Its Not Over Till The Skinny Arab Lights The Fuse VHS (Abduction, 2004)
Myths And Legends Of The Blue West VHS (Abduction, 2004)
The Halcyon Days Of Symmetry VHS (Abduction, 2004)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol.14: Static From The Outside Set CD (Abduction, 2005)
Folk Songs Of The Rich And Evil / Exotica On A $5 A Day 2XLP (Eclipse Records, 2005)
Djinn Funnel LP (Nazarphone, 2006)
Live Room CD (Three Lobed Recordings, 2006)
Piano Bar LP (Ri Be Xibalba, 2006)
Piano Bar / For Drummers Only 2xLP (Ri Be Xibalba, 2006)
Beginnings Dark LP (Enterruption, 2007)
Live At The Sit And Spin LP (Abduction, 2008)
Fruit Of The Womb / Polite Deception 2xLP (Eclipse, 2009)
Funeral Mariachi CD / LP (Abduction, 2010)
Selected Compilation Tracks
“Shut Up!” on Ominous Clouds (Last Flash, 1981)
“Bobby Sands Boogie” on Amuck (Placebo, 1981)
“On The Sign” + “Hit Man Boy / Rappin’ Head” on This Is Phoenix, Not Circle Jerks (Placebo, 1982)
“Caravan” on More Coffee For The Politicians (Placebo, 1985)
“Encyclopedia Vomitanica” on Flat (Locust, 1991)
“Diet-Blue Morbid Attraction Soda” on Scrape Audio Magazine #1 (Plutonium Press, 1991)
“Swing Of Kings” on Chemical Imbalance Magazine Compilation #8 (Chemical Imbalance, 1993)
“Flesh Balloons Of Tibet” on Soluble Fish (Homestead, 1993)
“The Bearded Hermes” on They Came, They Played, They Blocked The Driveway (WFMU, 1993)
“Sleazy Nashville” + “Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot” on  Ticked (Big Tick Records, 1993)
“Dixie Pickle” on Acousticide (Apraxia, 1993)
“Voice Of America” + “Prick Of The World” on Step, Step, Steppin On Satans Foot (Tedium House, 1994)
“Kickin The Dragon” + “Harmful Little Armful (For Will Shatter)” + “Suck Suntown” on Bruce Lee, Heroin And The Punk Scene (Massacre At Central Hi, 1994)
“Me And Mrs. Jones” + “Show Me The Way To Go Home” (Charles Gocher) on
You Gan’t Boar Like an Eabla When you Work with Turkrys (Amarillo, 1996)
“Kasper Hauser” on Sidereal Rest (Scratch, 1996)
“Nephews In The Closet” on Color In Absence Sound (Hell’s Half Halo, 1999)
“Flower” on Live From The Afterworld (Electro Motive, 2000)
“Post Car Bomb” on Hangin’ From The Devil’s Tree (Your Flesh Magazine, 2000)
“Come Hear” on Patchouli & Echoes (Beast 777 + Chocolate Monk, 2004)
“John Wayne Hat” + “Invocational” + “Baby Churp Born Into What?” on Bring Me The Head Of Nick Cain (Hell’s Half Halo, 2005)
“Swami Blood Stool” on String Of Artifacts (Fish Pies + Resipiscent, 2005)
“Putting Coals On The Fire” on Sound Postcards (The Bookmakers Ed., 2008)
MP3: Drifters Of The Grand Trunk | Electoral Termites | Diet-Blue Morbid Attraction Soda (Excerpt)
Stream: Theme From Sangkala | Insect Dilemma | I Give Em All 5 Stars | Garuda’s Playhouse | And Once There Was Us | On The Sign | Coffee With Eyelash | I Deal A Stick | Bobby Sands
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