Band Bios // Khanate
Band Bios // Khanate

Band Bios // Khanate

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Now-defunct Khanate was a supergroup of sorts that brought together members of Old Lady Drivers, Manbyrd and Sunn O))). While their run was short, the band managed to record a whole number of albums, EPs and compilation tracks.
r-507139-1168299383Most of their tracks were 10-minute+, painfully slow dirges, punctured by shrieks coming from former OLD / Old Lady Drivers vocalist Alan Dubin (Khanate also featured another former Old Lady Driver – guitarist James Plotkin). Much of their material was released by Southern Lord label, as well as Hydra Head Records.
On September 24, 2006, the band split, with James Plotkin subsequently forming Khlyst, along with another ex-Khanate member Tim Wyskida and female vocalist Runhild Gammelsæter (Thorr’s Hammer).
The bands 4th album “Clean Hands Go Foul” is scheduled for release in late 2008/early 2009. The album was recorded in 2005 in Brooklyn, NY, some time after the band recorded material for “Capture & Release” album.
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Band members:
Alan Dubin (O.L.D.)
James Plotkin (Atomsmasher, Flux, Hygiene, Joy Of Disease, Jupiter CrewKhlyst, Lotus Eaters, Namanax, O.L.D., Phantomsmasher, Romance, Solarus, Trifid Project)
Stephen O’Malley (Aethenor, Burning Witch, Caveman Skillz, Drone Slut, Ginnungagap, GravetempleKTL, Lotus Eaters, MK Ultra Blizzard, Pentemple, Sarin, Sunn O))), Teeth Of Lion Rules The Divine, Thorr’s Hammer)
Tim Wyskida
Khanate LP / CD / 2xCD (Southern Lord, 2001 / Daymare Recordings, 2006)
Things Viral 2xLP / CD / 2xCD (Southern Lord, 2003 / Load Records, 2003 / Daymare Recordings, 2006)
Capture & Release LP / CD (Hydra Head, 2005/2006 / Trust No One Recordings, 2005)
Capture & Release / Dead & Live Aktions CD-DVD (Daymare Recordings, 2005)
Dead & Live Aktions DVD (Hydra Head, 2005)
It’s Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky CD (aRCHIVE, 2005 / 2007)

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