Father Divine – Requiem for Intellect (Review)

These self confessed "mean-spirited iconoclasts" talk a good game. Go to their website - http://fatherdivine.net/site/about/  Yes. These boys are all about THE MUSIC. Make no mistake. They only want to please themselves. The rest of us can get screwed. Good. They won't care what I write about them, then. I'll just be a lickspittle servant…


Review: Whoarfrost – Whoarfrost (Engine, 2011)

This Baltimore trio of "noise / freejazz / freakout" enthusiasts seem to be playing live for the duration of this recording. it's enthusiastically technical and tightly played. The meshing of drums, guitars, bass and vocals is quite seamless - there's nothing that rubs up against anything that creates the tensions you'd expect from "free" jazz.…


Review – Sexton Creeps “The Sour Acre”

This Netherlands collective marry their Bad Seeds / Velvets Influence with a certain tendency to Godspeed dynamics with just a soupcon of proggyness. Some of it works quite well, some bits don't. In fact I can pinpoint the good moments. It's the bits that don't involve the vocalist. The first track, " A Maternal Ear"…


P for Persia – Coral Canyon (Review)

This is the second release from this unsigned Brighton, instrument-swapping, four piece and it's a delight. Taking in a comfortably eclectic array of styles, this self-produced effort displays a musical confidence that should see them chased by a host of labels. In fact, scratch that, it may be better for them if they weren't, on…

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