Review – Wiliam Bennett – Cut Hands

This is William Bennett's first "solo" album. After 30 years of provoking distaste and death threats with Whitehouse, the musical pariah has (at long last) found himself actively courted by the same musical press for the last 3 releases in the bands illustrious back catalogue that effectively blacklisted him. Why is this? Well, trends come…


Review – Austerlitz -“Austerlitz”

Austerlitz are a three-piece electro-indie / art-punk band from Paris. They boast, and I quote from their PR, "Virtuosic keyboard lines, intricate bass work, a typically French vocal irreverence that moves from the practically crooned through strident and soaring to sporadic bayings of raw emotion all combine to create a devastating and freely intelligent alternative…


Review – Crater Tater – Primera Musicka de Tater

This 2010 album of "Experimental / Prog / Rawk" (their quote) from four Florida "Taters" . Each is named respectively, either in a bid for anonymity, or in an attempt at humour, Baked (drums), Fried (bass), Scalloped ( alto sax/electronics) and, of course, Mashed (guitars/ vocals/ electronics /objects). The album was recorded live by David…


As Built PR SXSW & Beyond (Summer 2011) Sampler – Review

This sampler contains 25(!) tracks of new and unreleased music from the current Boston scene. By anyone standards, that's a lot of tracks and gives credence to the blurb that came with this release stating that "this sampler really showcases the range and diversity of both the up-and-coming and veteran sounds being created within Boston".…

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