Listening Room – June 2019: Pt. 1

Checking in on our followers and things they've been listening to lately! retweeted by George the Chen

New Music Releases – June 2019: Pt. 1

Going through all the new music that came out this month with a little help from our followers! retweeted by Chickfactor  

Listen: Scarlet Sun Catchers

In and out of focus in a hallucinogenic haze, Bill's conversations with himself follow a travel-worn map copied over and over again. The picker journeys sonically from familiar to unknown places, a style suspended between the traditional and the avant-garde, expansive and flowing like boiled-over magma. We're proud to welcome a new guest mix contributor…

Blog Summary – May 2019: Pt. 1

First recap of IHN posts from May! Reviews, guest mixes and so much more!   Big Ears 2019 Recap Dragnet Girl Soundtrack by Coupler Ian Chang This Is Not This Heat Guest Mixes / Label Mixes Arvo Zylo Burning Our Letters Vol. 2: Jewels Fill the Gutters Mahorka Reviews Batch - Jeff Mercel /…

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