I Heart Noise



Solilians space drone dreams are the interstellar journeys of mystic seekers, mantra minimalism for the next generation. Benjamin Malkin’s slow motion ambient dub prisms of klezmer melody refract Sharon Malkin’s Mediterranean Hebrew beauty; while Gabriel Walsh’s psychedelic sci-fi edge dances with Neptune Sweet’s otherworldly cosmic majesty, all coming together on Shin, the four-piece’s debut full-length. Think Stereolab slowed down to Stars Of The Lid. – Noisy Ghost PR

Releases on IHN

In the Running 1 (split with Skyjelly) – vinyl version via IHN / CD version via Wormhole World

In the Running 2: American Klezmische

Releases on Other Labels

Binah’s Dream (Goodbye Better, 2013)

Shin (Goodbye Better, 2016)

Associated Projects

The Earthy Frames – aka Gabriel Walsh

Gabriel Walsh plays experimental rock music as The Earthly Frames. Walsh’s earlier recording project was called Your Team Ring and he released music under this moniker from 1995-2005. You can find the music of Your Team Ring here.

Electric Djinn – aka Neptune Sweet

Electric Djinn is computer based sonic candy. Tracks are grounded in low frequencies, programmed beats,virtual synths and processed vocals. Subtle layers of binarual beats and isochronic tones are also used to raise vibrations.