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Brooklyn trio Parts & Labor combines tumultuous noise with enormous, triumphant melodies on their latest album, Stay Afraid. Malfunctioning electronics howl in agony, drums rupture like fireworks, battle cries are belted through a monolithic layer of distorted bass and guitar. P&L revel in day-glo noise, charred drones, punk velocity and phoenix-like hooks–a unique blast influenced by the clamor of Husker Du, the bluster of Boredoms and the homemade spirituals of Neutral Milk Hotel. (Jagjaguwar website)

[nextpage title=”Biography” ] Formed in 2002, P&L are an American band that recorded a slew of LPs for such labels as Jagjaguwar Records, Ace Fu and many others. They toured with the likes of Battles, TV On The Radio, Deerhoof, Japanther and many others.
Members of P&L are also responsible for creation of Cardboard Records, which was started in 2005. So far the label produced records by the likes of Ecstatic Sunshine, Gowns, Pterodactyl, Shooting Spires, Big Bear and many others, as well as double-CD compilation called “Love And Circuits”, which includes 28 tracks by the likes of USA Is A Monster, Ho-Ag, Hunting Lodge, Fat Day, Books On Tape, Big Bear, Oneida and many others.
[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”Discography” ] Groundswell CD (JMZ Records, 2003)
Rise, Rise, Rise CD (Namack Records, 2003)
A Great Divide 7″ (Plastic Records, 2005)
Escapers One 12″ (Broklyn Beats, 2006)
Pparts & LAabor 7″ (Cardboard Records, 2006)
Stay Afraid CD (Jagjaguwar, 2006)
Mapmaker CD (Jagjaguwar, 2007)

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