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[nextpage title=”Biography” ] By the mid 90s, New York band Unsane significantly raised their profile when MTV started playing a video for their song “Scrape” on a regular basis. At the same time, however, the band faced a traditional dilemma of whether to try and produce more similar songs or whether to continue doing things their way. After vocalist Chris Spencer was beaten by thugs in Vienna while band was on tour, Unsane went on indefinite hiatus.
Cutthroats 9 (named after a violent spaghetti western from the 70s) was born when  Spencer moved to California. Their first single was 2000 “You Should Be Dead / Can’t Do A Thing” which came out on Reptilian Records and featured Mark Laramie and Billy Ropple (as well as Spencer himself).
Their first album was self-titled LP which came out in 2000 on Man’s Ruin Records and featured another member of Unsane – Dave Curran, as well as Mark Laramie and Will Caroll. It was followed by a six-song EP entitled “Anger Management”, which was released by Reptilian Records.
In 2003, Spencer returned to New York and resurrected Unsane – so far (as of 2008), they recorded two new albums – 2005 “Blood Run” (on Relapse) and 2007 “Visqueen” (on Ipecac Recordings).
[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”Discography” ] You Should Be Dead / Can’t Do A Thing (Reptilian Records, 1999)
Cutthroats 9 (Man’s Ruin Records, 2000)
Anger Management (Reptilian Records, 2002)

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