Band Profile – Bastro
Band Profile – Bastro

Band Profile – Bastro

Bastro Band

Bastro was relatively short-lived, but memorable project of David Grubbs, Clark Johnson and John McEntire. They were a part of a network of like minded-bands, such as Squirrel Bait and Bitch Magnet.

Both Grubbs and Clark Johnson formed Bastro after the break up of Squirrel Bait in the late 80s, aided by drumming machine. Eventually, John McEntire replaced drumming machine and Clark Johnson was replaced by Bundy K. Brown. Grubbs abandoned the name Bastro in 1993 and started Gastr Del Sol with Jim O’Rourke. Bundy K. Brown and John McEntire both went on to play with Tortoise.
Much of their material was reissued by Blue Chopsticks and Drag City labels in 2005.
Rode Hard And Put Up Wet LP (Homestead, 1988)
Diablo Guapo CD/LP (Homestead, 1989)
Shoot Me A Deer 7″ (Homestead, 1989)
Sing The Troubled Beast CD/LP (Homestead, 1990)
A L’Ombre De Nous / Produkt (with Codeine) 7″ (Homestead, 1991)
Nothing Special / Flesh-Colored House (split with My Dad Is Dead) 7″ (Clawfist, 1991)
Antlers: Live 1991 (Blue Chopsticks, 2005)
Sing The Troubled Beast / Diablo Guapo (Drag City, 2005)
Compilation Tracks:

Flesh-Colored House” on Human Music CD/LP (Homestead, 1988)

It’s Mercury That I Got In My Hips” on Flat (Locust, 1991)
Sketch For Sleepy” on Teen Beat 50 CD/LP (Teen Beat, 1993)

Tobacco In The Sink” on Zehn B CD (Fidel Bastro, 2002)


Nothing Special” (original by My Dad Is Dead) on Bastro / My Dad Is Dead 7″ split (Clawfist, 1991)


Live at Vera (Groningen, Holland) (1991)


Live at Rose Club (Germany) (1991)


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