Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Wormhole World
Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Wormhole World

Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Wormhole World

Wormhole World - Transparent Label Logo

Wormhole World is a new label based in South Wales and Lancashire that bills itself as a ‘micro netlabel doing it for love, not money’. – KitMonsters

Last year we interviewed UK imprint Wormhole World as part of our Indie Label Roundtable series. Now we’re pleased to announce the arrival of a label mix compiling 2019 output from WW!

Over 20 tracks from the likes of Xqui, Radio Europa, Outside the Glitch, Incentive and many more. That’s more than an hour of music to give your ears a gentle massage they deserve.

Jump into our archives to hear even more label mixes!



Xqui – Epiphany (from Capitulate)

Tsazri – Cryptic Crossword (Heidi Bobal Remix) (from Lost Decayed Love)

Snekhoose – A2 (from Oscar Pray For Oscar The Dog)


Radio Europa – Cities Of Red Night (from Community Is Revolution)

J. G. Sparkes – The House Of Aeon (from Gor West)

Incentive – Agonal (from Happiness)

Lark – I Don’t Got (from Blink)

Equinox – Janine (with Razorrawks) (from Correction)

Sgt Elyas – Pear And Fennel (from Mountains Of Powerless)

Outside The Glitch – Plateau (from Plateau)

Palavas – Snow (from Played)

boycalledcrow – Clouds (from Emerald)

Toxic Chicken – Just a Little Eccentric That’s All (from Wormhole)

Void Vertex – Tentical Sex (from Distress Beacon)

Shit Creek – Zooloft Jungle (from Prozac Rainbow)

St James Infirmary – A Sound Is A Sound (from A Sound Is A Sound)

Nat Lyon – Reservation For 10 (from Reservation For 10)

Jaffro – Mwy Mewn Meddwl (from Mwy Mewn Meddwl)

Jewels Of Shame – 6.10.2006 (from Negative Dialects)

Equinox x Xqui – XXmas Kiss (from XXmas Kiss)

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