Around 2018 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Riot Season Records
Around 2018 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Riot Season Records

Around 2018 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Riot Season Records

Riot Season Records

Riot Season is a UK based independent record label. we don’t have a set style and we don’t have any cool friends. we’re an old fashioned label doing whatever we feel like when something interesting turns up. you wont find us releasing a record every five minutes, and you wont find us in the yellow pages. you will find is here though :


Familia de Lobos – Todo Lo Que Brilla (from S/T)

Familia De Lobos (translates to Family Of Wolves) are a psychedelic rock band formed in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“This sounds like the soundtrack to a South American spaghetti western”

A dense and mantric sound spits from Familia de Lobos, their first album, recorded in early 2016. A sound formed by the mix of valve amps and pre-columbian instruments, from the southern region of Latin America.

Orchestra of Constant Distress – Quite a Lot (from Distress Test)

Members with such experiences from The Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions, Brainbombs and No Balls are joined in assemblage of catatonic sounds, obstinate riffs and rigid rhythms.

“Just when you think something is about to happen, it doesn’t.” Review of debut album.

Blown Out – Void SuckerComacozer – BinBeal (from In Search Of Highs Vol 1)

Blown Out do heavy space jams better than anyone and though split into three parts their side all flows magically. “Hook up the Telepath” is so in the zone you suspect the band may well be telepathic.

Henry Blacker – Cag Mag (from The Making Of Junior Bonner)

Somerset trio HENRY BLACKER return with their third album ‘The Making Of Junior Bonner’ on April 6th.

The follow up to 2013’s Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings and 2015’s Summer Tombs will once again be released on Riot Season on vinyl and as a download.

Henry Blacker formed because there’s nothing to do in Somerset. Henry Blacker formed because the other band they do (Hey Colossus) rehearse in London and they wanted a band they didn’t need to travel the width of the country to jam with.

Hey Colossus – Warmer the Belter (New Born) (from RRR)

Hey Colossus are the closest thing the UK has to the inheritors of the crown of the Butthole Surfers – which is not a criticism, just in case you were wondering… quite, quite the opposite. And if 2009’s ace Hey Colossus And The Van Halen Time Capsule Present Eurogrumble Vol. 1 was their Hairway To Steven then RRR – an altogether more considered, threatening and psychedelic affair – is somewhere between their Rembrandt Pussy Horse and Cream Corn From The Socket Of Davis. – The Quietus

Dead Otter – Eye Elevator (from Bridge of Weird)

Dead Otter are an exploratory rock outfit based in Glasgow, crafting out there jams since rock music was invented in 1995.

No otters were harmed in the making of this record, respect the otters!

Black Helium – Curtains at the Mausoleum (from Primitive Fuck)

An absolutely epic fucking performance from Black Helium who were heavy as fuck and destroyed my already fragile mind with their Flying V twin attack sounding like Sabbath, Black Angels, Hawkwind and The Sweet battling in a monster riff shop. – Spencer Hickman – Death Waltz Records / Transmission Record

Earthling Society – Inauguration in the Buddha Dome (from Mo – The Demon)

Mo – The Demon was recorded at Leeds college of music between November 2017 – February 2018. The basis of the album was to record an imaginary soundtrack to the Shaw Brothers batshit psychedicrazy Kung Fu horror ‘The Boxer’s Omen’ aka MO or demon.

Taking inspiration from all the things musical that have inspired us over the years. Berlin era Bowie, Prime Magazine circa ‘Correct Use Of Soap’, Electric Funk Miles, ‘Caravanserai’ Santana, Embryo and god knows what else (it doesn’t really matter as it all ends up Earthling Society), we think we’ve made a groovy as fuck concept.

Perhaps – The Number of the Priest (Pt. 1) (from Hexagon)

The bands success is hardly put to question as all members have been front runners in the experimental recreation of natural principles through musical methods, and rarely come out empty handed. It has been confirmed core members and frequent contributors have returned with the making of Hexagon: (Jim Haney, Sean McDermott, David Khoshtinat, Ricky Petraglia, Ben Talmi, Tom Weeks). As well as appearances from long-time collaborators Makoto Kawabata and Tabata Mitsuru of the Japanese psychedelic-juggernaut group Acid Mothers Temple…

Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Become the Scum (from It’s Not Nothin’)

Reading’s own noiseniks, Workin’ Man Noise Unit infuse the whole fucking thing with a love of Albini, Jesus Lizard, and Fugazi. They are agitated from start to finish as they pour their entire bodily fluids into new long-player, the aptly titled Play Loud. This is agitated, cathartic rock played at a nihilistic intensity – Soundblab

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Dark Star Blues (from Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe)

Twenty four years into their existence, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. have circled the globe at least a few dozen times, released over 100 albums in their various guises and played thousands of shows.

In recent years, they’ve experienced seismic line up changes which has given them yet another new lease of life … or a rebirth if you will. Original members Kawabata Makoto (guitar, speed guru) and Higashi Hiroshi (synthesizer, noodle god) are now joined by Jyonson Tsu (vocal, midnight whistler), Satoshima Nani (drums, another dimension) and Wolf (bass, space & time) and as anyone that has seen the new line up live will testify, things have gone even more cosmic …

‘Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe’ sees the band return to their old label Riot Season for the first time since 2012’s ‘IAO Chant From The Melting Paraiso Underground Freak Out’ (CD still available). Both label and band have gone on some wonderful journeys during that time apart but both felt the stars were finally correctly realigned to renew their partnership in all things weird.

Orchestra of Constant Distress – Discard (from Abandon / Seasonal Disorder / 2018)

Taken from ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS ‘Abandon’ catalogue # SMR16 Tape on sister label SWAP MEAT only available as a limited package with the ‘Distress Test’ LP. Released February 2018

Blown Out – Sun Rot (Part 1) (from Sun Rot)

Like many of Vest’s other releases, the Blown Out record was also originally intended for tape; mastered and released by Stephen Bishop of Opal Tapes, who also happens to have played with Vest in Skull Mansions, Ultrashitinferno, and Drunk In Hell. Almost lo-fi, Bishop gets things done in their raw, live state; precisely what the band want. But what do they want? I mean except from technicality of it all. There’re no lyrics, and obviously no expressions. The title, as with Vest’s brand of guitar playing remains fairly minimal. There you have it: Sun Rot. It’s the impression that makes it mark for you. The abyss. The devouring of sun. Brilliantly executed by Anthony Downie comes the artwork, capping it beyond compare. – CVLT Nation

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