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Archives // Material for Review

Archives // Material for Review

Challenge – write a review of one of the record mentioned below and post it to our forum. Twitter-style (140/240 chars or less), though if you feel that any of these deserve a full review, you’re allowed to post one as well.

Aug 2020

Review Archive

Tatsuya Nakatani / Shane Parish – Interactivity (Cuneiform Records)

Bloom de Wilde – The Heart Shall Be Rewarded by the Universe (Dream Society Records)

Cary Grace – Lady of Turquoise (Door 13 Music)

Mzungu – With Seasonal Affect (Wormhole World)

KMRU – Peel (Editions Mego)

Hainbach – Assertion (Chase Bliss Records)

Robert Eggplant – Earth Sinking Into Water (Self Released)

Neuro…No Neuro – Home Office EP (Self Released)

Tiger Village – Amblyopiac (Suite 309)

Hasufel – Lamentations Of The Foul High Priest (So Called Hell)

Prana Crafter / ragenap – No Ear to Hear (Baked Tapes / Cardinal Fuzz / Centripetal Force)

Shade Cobain – The Kevin Benson Forecast (Self Released)

Gull Boy – S/T (Self Released)

Paul Den Heyer – Everything So Far (Self Released)

Worst Night Ever – Sound the Tracks (Self Released)

Sep. 2020

Darren J. Holloway – Salt Heart (TQN-aut)

This Ship Argo – Sirens / Home (Self Released)

Chip Wickham – Blue to Red (Lovemonk)

Matmos – The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form (Thrill Jockey)

Chris Child & Micah Frank – Tape Pieces Vol. 2 (FOIL Imprints)

Omega Men & Women – Spirit of the Egg (Self Released)

Feather Beds – Fragile / Temper (Sad Songs Records)

Dave Heumann – Balm of Gilead (Self Released)

Matt LaJoie – The Center and the Fringe (Flower Room)

Roofhare – As You Move Me (Self Released)

Fire-Toolz – Rainbow Bridge (Hausu Mountain)

Duke Gray – Obsquantulate (Self Released)

Dark Sunny Land – Reflections (Self Released)

Rootless – Docile Cobras (Flower Room)

Oct. / Nov. 2020 

Closed Circuits – Returner

Haunted Disco – Gnossienne (Speak & Spell Records)

Cadu Tenorio – Waifu

Mucker – Mr. Soft (Box Records)

Jerry David DeCicca – The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures

Ganser – Just Look at that Sky (Felte)

Cerca – Khalum Zilam

Whettman Chelmets / qualchan. – Theme Variations (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Dec. 2020

Nicholas Burgess – Electric Brain Electric Silence (Self Released)

embryoroom – Ravaged by the Sun (American Cannibalism) (Self Released)

Christine Ott – Chimères (pour ondes Martenot) (NAHAL Recordings)

The Scissor Girls – S/T (Self Released) – reissue of 1992 demo

Salvatore Mercatante – The Foundations of Eternal Sin (Castles in Space)

Nick Minieri – Threshold EP (Self Released)

Eli Winter – The Time to Come (Worried Songs)

The Academy of Sun – The Quiet Earth (Self Released)

John Kolodij – First Fire-At Dawn (Astral Spirits)

The Central Office of Information – Treedom (Woodford Halse)

Ulver – Flowers of Evil (House of Mythology)

Dis Fig x Dreamcrusher – Chrysalis (Issue Project Room)

Obnox – Savage Raygun (Ever/Never)

Rupert Lally – Where the Dark Speaks (Spun Out of Control)