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Z Doom (Doom Trip Records) picks favorite 11 tapes he obtained in 2016

The only requirements for tapes making this list are:
A) They’re tapes
B) Whether by gift, purchase, or other means, I obtained them this year.
Mukqs – Walkthrough (Hausu Mountain)
TALsounds – Lifter+Lighter (Hausu Mountain)
MrDougDoug – SOS Forks AI REM (Hausu Mountain)
In 2016, I became a complete dweeb for the music these three people make; together or separately. Things Our Bodies Used to Have got heavy play from me all year, so when I saw that each of the act’s members had released a solo album on the same day, I copped immediately.
Hearing these releases, and joint-efforts as Good Willsmith, I can’t help but feel that these individuals have a profound sense of the music the world currently needs; and they provide accordingly.
Favorite tracks:
Mukqs – Tsundere Gunslinger III
TALSounds – Indecision
DougDoug – Lab Embryo 520


luis-gutee-black-magic-glitchLuis Gutee and His Friends – Black Magic Glitch (Ace of Tapes)

This was given to me by a friend who knew I’d dig it — they were right. Seemingly improvised beats with, given the title, I can only assume are his friends freely playing along. 

Home-dubbed with handmade j-cards, and an unlabeled Maxell C45 “Communicator Series” tape, makes this an easy pick.

Favorite track: The whole tape

frank-zappa-hot-ratsFrank Zappa – Hot Rats (Bizarre / Reprise)

This was given to me by a friend who knew I’d dig it — they were right. Seemingly improvised beats with, given the title, I can only assume are his friends freely playing along. 

Home-dubbed with handmade j-cards, and an unlabeled Maxell C45 “Communicator Series” tape, makes this an easy pick.

Favorite track: Has to be Willie the Pimp

jeremy-bible-vs-mousecopJeremy Bible vs Mousecop (Hausu Mountain)

I missed this release somehow last year, but that doesn’t matter, since it still sounds years ahead of its time. The music here grows and moves, like the sound of an ecosystem, as chaotic as it is necessary. At times, I can’t help but bob my head to the ‘invisible grooves’ here.

Favorite track: Elegy fr Baxter Stockman (compassion for the insects)

Misfits - Legacy of BrutalityMisfits – Legacy of Brutality (Plan 9)

Another classic I’ve always wanted on CS — punk just sounds correct on tape. Some of my favorite Misfits releases are compilations, like this one, and it’s great hearing the same tracks with new overdubs. I also love how thoroughly scratched and cracked the case is, in addition to the fact that it was sold to me for 75 cents at a garage sale, where I also picked up a well-worn home-dubbed VHS of various Captain Beefheart TV performances.

Favorite track: TV Casualty

gossimer-close-the-circle-lay-the-stonesGossimer – Close the Circle, Lay the Stones (Heavy Mess)

This is not just one of my favorite tapes obtained this year, it’s also one of the absolute best albums of 2016, and one that, sadly, seems to be getting overlooked by a lot of publications. I met Jennifer at a friend’s wedding months ago, but had no idea she made music like this. To think that an album with this kind of personality was recorded in 2016 is baffling to me, in the sense that it was created in a time where radio was dominated by acts like Chainzmokerz and Broono Marz.

Favorite track: Saturn Square

m-sage-needleworksM. Sage – Needleworks (Patient Sounds)

I was checking out the recent Naps tape when someone recommended this one to me. Extremely pleased that they did, as I’ve been telling people about it for weeks. For me, this is an album I didn’t realize I was looking for, and that is often a pleasant experience.

Favorite track: Day Jaw

invisible-path-hermetic-dreamscapesInvisible Path – Hermetic Dreamscapes on the Roots of our Nature (Brunch Groupe)

Full disclosure – This was given to me by M. Bailey himself, back when it came out in 2010. I misplaced it almost immediately, but never had the heart to tell him. Earlier this year it was discovered alone in a shoebox. 

Primitive as all hell – these 2 untitled, side-long pieces remain a completely bonkers display of the madness Brunch Groupe was putting out before closing up shop. 

Favorite track: Untitled (A)

Andrew-Anderson-Post-Meditated-IntentAndrew Anderson – Post Mediated Intent 1 (Misanthropic Smile)

I was going through the used section at Amoeba when I saw this. It was odd, I had discovered Andrew’s music earlier this year, but didn’t know this release existed. It was tagged at the criminally-low price of 2.99, so picking it up was a no-brainer. 

Favorite track: Over Black Shores

dante-mars-ajeto-celebrating-digital-artefactsDante Mars Ajeto – Celebrating Digital Artifacts (Bedlam)

Not only did I miss the 1st pressing of this album, I also missed the reissue. Fortunately, I was able to obtain one recently. Fans of this album already know why it makes the list, as it’s one of the finer examples of contemporary electronic music.

Favorite track: B1 Never_Wanted.mp3

kinks-live-at-kelvin-hallThe Kinks – Live at Kelvin Hall (Reprise)

One of my favorite things about this tape is that the sound quality is absolute shit. It doesn’t sound worn out, but rather like the lowest quality tape available was used. Considering the supreme, epic performance captured here, a great juxtaposition is created. The paper labels are peeling, the case is cracked, it’s a mess. 

The Kinks are great at coming up with completely different live arrangement for their tracks without losing the magic of the studio cuts. 

Favorite track: Till the  End of the Day

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