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Material for Review


Acef Stripe – Renascent (Self Released) under review
Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Farewell, Doomed Planet! (Self Released)
Russian Baths – Deepfake (Good Eye Records)
Sad Man – 3 Years of Being Sad (Self Released)
Sunken Foal – Le Doux Nord (Part 1) (Countersunk)
Sunwatchers – Illegal Moves (Trouble in Mind) – suggested by rise804
Twin Towers – Idle Hands (Self Released)
Whettman Chelmets – Long Read Memories (Aescape Sounds) under review
Wolfbear – Loops (Self Released)
Sometimes I take the elevator to the 4th floor walk into the darkness unlock a door and record some loops these are those


It’s Cool If You Keep Quiet, but I Like Singing – A Tribute to Conor Oberst (Self Released)