An Interview With Electric Bird Noise / Brian McKenzie
An Interview With Electric Bird Noise / Brian McKenzie

An Interview With Electric Bird Noise / Brian McKenzie

First of all – what’s in a name? Why Electric Bird Noise?
the band/project electric bird noise started out a as a weekly open free form improvisational session at a local club…folks would bring and play anything from pot and pans to sticks they found outside the club which was a basement by the way…… i brought a case of effect pedals…anyhow one of these nights i was doing my thing and one patron comes up and says “hey man! like those bird sounds!”….woke up the next day inspired and hangover….electric bird noise was born!

You recorded a soundtrack to an imaginary movie (“The Pace”). Any plans for doing any real-life soundtrack work?

well in fact i’ve been fortunate to have my music featured so far in at least 3 horror films,a few art shorts and various mtv sitcoms….always open to new adventures.
If you could play with any musician – alive or dead – who would it be and why?
i think today i prefer to jet back to the prehistoric period and kick out a jam with master stone banger senior gam.
You contributed “March Towards The East” track to “Gone In 60 Seconds” and its exclusive to the compilation. What was the inspiration/story behind this track?
the request to come up with a piece that falls exactly 60 seconds in length was a huge inspiration! ….but like most of my work the instruments and recording tools that surround me dictate the direction…strings,tympani,a banjo and choir was the focus of the day….and’s usually not till after its all done that i’ll come up with the final concept and title.


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