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While contemporaries were mucking about in swamps of feedback and messy sludge-rock power chords, this New York quartet formulated a metal-bore sound so clean, crisp and martial that some wags adopted Teutonic accents when discussing “das precision rock sound.” Guitarist/singer Page Hamilton mastered the art of discipline as a foot soldier in Glenn Branca’s guitar army (he was also, briefly, in Band of Susans) and found a remarkably astute way to recast some similarly avant-garde playing for the moshpit set.
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Note – see the band’s entire bio here
Born Annoying / Rumble 7″ (Amphetamine Reptile, 1989)
Born Annoying 7″ – 1989 CD (1989)
Strap It On LP / CD (Amphetamine Reptile Europe, 1990 / Amphetamine Reptile, 1990 / Interscope, 1990)
Unsung 7″ (Amphetamine Reptile Europe, 1991)
In The Meantime 7″ (Amphetamine Reptile, 1992)
Meantime LP / CD (Amphetamine Reptile, 1992 / Interscope, 1992)
Unsung CD (Interscope, 1992)
Unsung 12″ (Interscope, 1992)
Just Another Victim 12″ / CD (Epic, 1993)
Primitive / Born Annoying 7″ (Amphetamine Reptile, 1993)
Betty 2×10 / CD / LP / Cass (Amphetamine Reptile / Interscope, 1994)
Biscuits For Smut CD (Interscope, 1994)
Wilma’s Rainbow EP (1994)
Wilma’s Rainbow EP – Australian Tour Collectors Edition CD (Interscope, 1994)
Born Annoying LP / CD / Cass (Amphetamine Reptile,1995 / Outside Media, 1995)
Exactly What You Wanted CD (Interscope, 1996 / 1997)
Aftertaste 12″ / LP / CD  (Interscope, 1997 / Epitaph + Interscope, 1997)
Size Matters CD (Interscope, 2004)
Monochrome CD (Warcon, 2006)
Seeing Eye Dog (Work Song, 2010)
Selected Compilation Tracks
“Bad Mood” on Dope, Guns & Fucking Up Your Video Deck Volume One (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
“Make Room” on Ugly American Overkill (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
“Rude” + “Sinatra” on Amphetamine Reptile – Peel Sessions (Dutch East India Trading, 1992 / Strange Fruit, 1992)
“Blacktop” on Dope, Guns & Fucking Up Your Video Deck Volume Two (Amphetamine Reptile, 1992)
“Unsung” on Dope, Guns & Destroying Your Video Deck #3 (Amphetamine Reptile + Atavistic Video, 1994)
“Turned Out (Live)” on Jabberjaw Compilation – Good To The Last Drop (Mammoth, 1994)
“Milquetoast” on The Crow Soundtrack (Atlantic, 1994  / BMG, 1994)
“Custard Pie” on Encomium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin (Atlantic, 1995)
“Complete” on Johnny Mnemonic Soundtrack (Columbia, 1995)
“Gigantor” on Saturday Morning – Cartoons’ Greatest Hits (MCA, 1995)
“Army Of Me” on MOM: Music For Our Mother Ocean (Interscope + Surfdog, 1996)
“Monochrome” on SAW III Soundtrack (Artists Addiction, 2006 / [Trisol] Music Group, 2007)
MP3: Like I Care | Swallowing Everything | Wilma’s Rainbow

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