A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Thrown-Ups
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Thrown-Ups

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Thrown-Ups

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Ed Fotheringham Illustration

Thrown-ups started out in the 80s (1984, to be exact) as a joke project between members of bands like Mudhoney, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and That Petrol Emotion. Unlike many side/joke projects, however, they stayed around for years and released a number of singles/albums/compilation and even “Best Of” compilation called “Seven Years Golden”.  They broke up in 1991, when Leighton Beezer kicked everyone out of the band and named former members bands sellouts. According to him, it was a way to avoid arguments, but to others it was an indication that the band simply exceeded its lifespan.
Associated Bands – Mudhoney, Icky Joey, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Twenty Miles, Green River, Monkeywrench, Mr. Epp, Wylde Ratttz, Western Approaches, Anodyne, Swallow, Bell, Love And Respect, Eddie And The Back Nine, Stomach Pump, El Grand Conquistador
Fun Facts:

  • Thrown-Ups lead singer Ed Foteringham is a well-known illustrator, who created record covers for the likes of Mudhoney and Love Battery
  • Thrown-Ups were mentioned in Michael Azerrad’s book “Our Band Could Be Your Life”. According to Azerrad, the idea behind the band was that if Thrown-Ups can sign a record contract, then so can anybody.

  • Their first show was opening for Husker Du in 1985 and the group brought raw oysters to throw at the audience if the reaction was negative. The response turned out to be positive, but the band doused the crowd with the sea creatures anyway. Such practice became commonplace for the group, which began to incorporate visual elements in case the music was horrific. (Mudhoney.net)

  • According to Leighton Beezer, one of the previously unavailable songs on “Seven Years Golden” compilation, called “Bucking Retards,” was a prototype for Mudhoney’s “Keep It Out of My Face.”

Felch EP 7″ (1987)
Smiling Panties 7″ (1987)
Eat My Dump EP 7″ (1988)
Melancholy Girlhole Box 3×7″ box set (1990)
7 Years Golden (1997)

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