A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Mama Tick
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Mama Tick

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Mama Tick


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Chicago based band which was active in the early 90s and consisted of Ben Keller, Adam Laats and Chad Moore. They produced a number of singles for labels like AmRep and Skin Graft, as well as one full-length called “Gimme The Five Bucks”.

Mama Tick formed in 1991, when Keller and Laats (originally from Boston), got together in Chicago to start a band and they also a drummer named Baldo to a lineup.  Heavily influenced by punk rock, noise and even grindcore bands like Napalm Death / Bolt Thrower, they recorded their first demo with Brad Wood. Their drummer moved to Chicago, he was replaced with Chad Moore (Howling Monkey).

They sent out numerous copies of demo to various labels, but got few replies, one of which was from Tom Hazelmeyer / Minneapolis label Amphetamine Reptile. AmRep released their “Hatefest / Breathe Out” single in 1992 as a part of Development & Research series.

According to a band, a release of single opened plenty of doors for them and, as a result, they played in support of another AmRep act, Cows. Eventually, however, they moved from Amphetamine Reptile and released “Torture Me / Lode” single on Wisconsin, MI based Bovine Records in 1993. Six months laters, they released yet another single – “Horse Doctor / I’m Ok With Me” on Chicago label Skin Graft. During 1993, their track “Matt” ended up on a compilation “Pressure Cooker” by another Chicago label, Furball. They also shot a video for that song.

Throughout the 90s, Mama Ticked toured all over Midwest, including Des Moines, IA, Bloomington, IN and Lexington, KY. Their first and final full-length called “Gimme The Five Bucks” came out on Dubious Honor label, but was ignored upon its release and the band broke up shortly afterwards.

Fun Facts:

Adam Laats was featured on Flying Luttenbachers track “Gods Of Chaos”.


Hatefest / Breathe Out 7″ (Amphetamine Reptile, 1992)

Horsedoctor 7″ (Skin Graft, 1993)

Torture 7″ (1993)

Action City 7″ (1994)

Crust Busting 7″ (Split With Faucet) (1994)

Gimme The Five Bucks (1994)

Compilation Tracks:

Matt” on Pressure Cooker (Furball, 1993)


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