A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Helios Creed
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Helios Creed

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Helios Creed

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Helios Creed was a guitarist for San Francisco band Chrome. When Chrome broke up in 1983, Damon Edge hired a new line-up, while Creed started releasing records under his own name. After Damon Edge died of a heart failure in 1995, Creed resurrected Chrome. He also released two albums under the name “Dark Matter”.
Fun Facts:
– Butthole Surfers cited Helios Creed as a major influence and Creed contributed guitar work to Surfers album “Independent Worm Saloon”. (Wikipedia)
– Helios has said that he invented his trademark sound while trying to replicate the sound he heard in his head while “listening to Black Sabbath on LSD on headphones when I was a teenager.” (Wikipedia)
– He is 6’6 tall (Wikipedia)
– He was featured on records by German band NoNoYesNo (Grunnenrocks)
X-Rated Fairy Tales (1985)
Nothing Wrong / The Sky 7″ (1989)
Superior Catholic Finger (1989)
The Last Laugh (1989)
Boxing The Clown (1990)
The Warming 7″ (1991)
Kiss To The Brain (1992)
Your Choice Live (1993)
Planet-X (1994)
Busting Through The Van Allan Belt (1994)
X-Rated Fairytales / Superior Catholic Finger (1994)
Cosmic Assault (1995)
Abducted 7″ (1996)
“NUGG” The Transport (1996)
Activated Condition (1998 )
Chromagnum Man (1998 )
Dark Matter 2 (1998)
Colors Of Light (1999)
On Tour 1999 (2001)
Spider Prophesy (2002)
On The Dark Side Of The Sun (2003)
Inferior Plastic Finger (2004)
Cowboy (2006)
Deep Blue Love Vacuum (2006)
Compilation Tracks:
Who Cares” on Insomnia, Vol. 1 (We Never Sleep, 1987)
Snausages” on Song And Legend (Abstract Sounds, 1988)
“Nirbasion Annasion” on Crunchouse (Glitterhouse, 1989)



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