Amphetamine Reptile Story
Amphetamine Reptile Story

Amphetamine Reptile Story

While no longer as prolific as they it once was, Amphetamine Reptile (AmRep, for short), was a powerhouse of all things odd and noisy in rock music.
Their roster included the likes of Today is the Day, Helios Creed (Chrome), Hammerhead, Melvins, Helmet and many others.
It was founded in 1986 by Tom Hazelmeyer (Halo of Flies, Gear Jammer, Otto’s Chemical Lounge) and originally he intended to release material only by his own band Halo of Flies. Later, however, they expanded, and produced a whole number of records by bands ranging from Melvins to Chokebore.
They also released a whole number of video and audio compilations, including controversially titled “Dope, Guns and …”.Website Grunnen Rocks provides a good (non-visual) overview of their catalogue, as well as catalogue of sub-label AmRep Germany:


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