Alternative Tentacles Mixtape!
Alternative Tentacles Mixtape!

Alternative Tentacles Mixtape!

Alternative Tentacles Record Label Logo

Digital mixtape dedicated to Jello Biafra’s label which is about to release Wreck –  seventh full-length from Unsane.

Historical note

Alternative Tentacles is an independent record label originally based in San Francisco, California and was established in 1979. It was originally used as the label name by the Dead Kennedys for the self-produced single “California Über Alles”, and after realizing the potential for an independent label, they released records for other bands as well. Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray and vocalist Jello Biafra formed the original Alternative Tentacles partnership, but the label is now run by Biafra, who became the sole owner in the mid-1980s.

No WTO Combo – Let’s Lynch The Landlord – from Live From The Battle In Seattle
Buzzkill – In the Woods – from Up
Comets On Fire – Graverobbers – from Comets On Fire
Dead And Gone – Cellophane – from God Loves Everyone But You
The Dicks – Hate The Police – from 1980-1986
The Ex – Ay Carmela – from 1936, The Spanish Revolution
eX-Girl – Pretty You Ugly from Endangered Species
Jad Fair / Jason Willett – Eat That Cake – from Enjoyable Songs
The Flaming Stars – Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye from Ginmill Perfume – The Story So Far 1995-2000
Free Beer – Filthy Rich – from The Only Beer That Matters –  first band of Tommy Guerrero!
Half Japanese – Patty – from Hello
Michael Gira – Un Real – from Drainland

For more info visit the official Alternative Tentacles website


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