Album Highlight – Cows – Peacetika (1991)
Album Highlight – Cows – Peacetika (1991)

Album Highlight – Cows – Peacetika (1991)

Cows Peacetika
What a bunch of sick and mean bastards. Come back Cows, all is forgiven.

How could they play such nonsense…blather such over-exaggerated lower-class rubbish. Girls fucked in the backseat, dirty drunks, complete and utter apathy. And chuggged is a repetitive wall of horrible tuning. Clanked guitars; riffs or rifts of melody then a fall into free-time sine wave. A scream. Though I couldn’t place what a “Peacetika” is, nor can I right now it did remind me of insanity in some way. Uniform, bustling; beneath a slightly altered simple concept lies…the great Od, with Sleipnir he dashes and over time their exploits are magnified; war, betrayal, lust…glorified.

Blankets of shrill pierce human psyche. A singer’s alter-ego clashes against the ear-drum; meandering, pounding, blasting. Shred’em and Grin/Rhythm and Blues.


Peacetika is fhe fourth LP from Minneapolis band Cows. It came out in March of 1991 (a.k.a. “The Year That Punk Broke”) on Amphetamine Reptile Records.
Much of the album’s material later appeared on Old Gold 1989-1991 compilation.

Anyone will be forgiven for thinking that the band lost their collective marbles while recording “Hitting The Wall” (see the video below), but the album also features such oddities as the title track – a horn-driven instrumental.

Needless to say, the album (much like the rest of the band’s output) comes highly recommended for fans of Locust Abortion Technician / Hairway To Steven-era Butthole Surfers.

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