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A collection of reviews for “Absolute II” – last part of “Thank Your Parents” triptych of records from New York band Oneida.
(Note – check out Oneida’s Bandcamp page which includes links to entire “Thank Your Parents” triptych)
Perhaps one of the most scathing reviews of the album came from The Line Of The Best Fit:

Absolute II is a truly horrible experience, and a huge “up yours” to anyone foolish enough to plonk down their hard-earned cash for what is one of the laziest and most irritating 40 minutes of ‘music’ put to record in a long time (“You mean we can make a living recording ourselves detuning radios, breaking synthesisers and speaking snippets of gibberish through vocoders? Ker-ching!”) But, most importantly, it’s also a cautionary tale for other music-makers that think they might like their own triptych someday but aren’t sure if they could be bothered to finish one. Because, as it stands, Oneida are effectively the proud owners of their very own bi-and-a-bit-ptych. And no-one wants one of those.

To which one of the commenters replied:

If you’re looking for songs, rock’n’roll and melody in an Oneida album you may have been in the wrong place.
Unless you would go buying mince meat to the newsagent, in that case it all makes perfect sense.

Pitchfork | Drowned In Sound | The Deli NYC | The Line Of The Best Fit

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