2020 in Review // Mix by Mahorka
2020 in Review // Mix by Mahorka

2020 in Review // Mix by Mahorka

2020 Label Output Albums by Mahorka

Mix collecting 2020 output by Bulgiaran label Mahorka (h/t Ivo)!


mhrk229 (dl) This Communication – Unexpected Loss: “01100001
mhrk230 (dl) Boubi’s Library – Vol. 356: “Conversations With Your Fears
mhrk231 (dl) Autonomaton – Picture in Picture: “A man behind the shadows
mhrk232 (dl) Walter Fini + Philippe Neau – white project: “white project #3
mhrk233 (dl) Strepitvsitvs – Suoni Olofonici: “La psicosi e l’ordine implicito
mhrk234 (dl) VPD – Dead Weather EP: “Dead Weather Theme 01
mhrk235 (dl/cassette) George Christian – Longes:Longes V
mhrk236 (dl/cassette) Jeff Gburek – Muqarnas: “Muqarnas 3
mhrk237 (dl) Andreas Davids – 7 Jahre vor der Gegenwart: *excerpt*
mhrk238 (dl) Blanket Swimming + DR – Lightning Gallery: “Backscatter
mhrk239 (dl) WHΛLTHISИEY – Thisowned: “Deep within
mhrk240 (dl) Soul Flask – The Cassandra Complex: “New Rainbow
mhrk241 (dl/cassette) Jimmy Watt Abarca – Picturesque Ruination: *Side A, excerpt*
mhrk242 (dl) MR.SMiFF – 5SSENCE: “An unexpected reaction
mhrk243 (dl) Sai – Lost data: “7.45
mhrk244 (dl) Autonomaton – The underwater fires: “Catfish suite for two
mhrk245 (dl) Centrul Isteric – KISI: *excerpt*
mhrk246 (dl) Conspiracy Therapists – In the Place of a Vain Search for an Image of the Age: “I am Sitting in a Room Performing the Society of the Spectacle
mhrk247 (dl) Brainquake – Adrift: “Hexagone
mhrk248 (dl) Tomoroh Hidari – 小さな夢達: “山寺
mhrk249 (dl) Teeth Of Divine – ReAct I : ReGenesis: “Bunulum (Amotken remix)
mhrk250 (dl) Wayab – Triptych: “A Static Sequence of Various Transfigurations – Part 1
mhrk251 (dl/cassette) Julien Palomo – Faith in something smaller: “Faith in something smaller (Library 743)
mhrk252 (dl/cassette) Tokee – Stages: “Teenager
mhrk253 (dl/cassette) Moki Mcfly – Tasaday: “A hundred sayings”
mhrk254 (dl/cassette) Mrs. Watanabe – MIXTAPE A: *Side B, excerpt*
mhrk255 (dl) Various Artists – Eastern Depths IV: “Overpass” by Polygon Ring
mhrk256 (dl) Janne Nummela – Preserve Energy Because the Struggle is Long: “Copying Insecurity
mhrk257 (dl) Brainquake – The Ongoing Sequence Of Events: “Thenest
mhrk258 (dl/cassette) Ivano Pecorini – Barons Court: “Thames
mhrk259 (dl/cassette) Austin Rockman – Plum God: “Inland
mhrk260 (dl/cassette) Andreas Davids – Isolation: “Wald
mhrk261 (dl/cassette) Pedro Maras – Tipping Point: “Thoughts
mhrk262 (dl) DR – Matrjoschka: “Matrjoschka #2

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