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Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Cherub Records

15 years ago, armed with only a four track recorder and some low-end mics, PJ Sykes created what would become an archive of Central Virginia’s musical legacy, Cherub Records.

All this started in Lynchburg, where Sykes spent his high school years. He’d been mostly in school-related music projects but before long he was in his first real band, Angels Vs. Aliens, with friend Jeff Roop – the band was big for the rural, small town scene, but he stepped away for a year to head to college at VCU where he was rudely-awakened to the thriving music scene of RVA at the turn of the century. – RVA MAG

Virginia might not seem like a hotbed of underground electronic/indie music, but this isn’t the first time that the state popped up on our blog’s radar (see Virginia Mixes 1 & 2 compiled by The Modern Folk). And now we’re happy to present a mix by what surely must be one of VA’s longest running labels – Cherub Records.

Much like many of our other label mixes from 2019, this one is a combo of CR’s own 2019 output and that from friendly/fellow labels and artists.  Genre-wise its a bit of everything – from electronic weirdness to rock and anything in between. Dive in!

And don’t forget to browse our archives to discover even more great record labels


The Colloquial Orchestra – Shredded Cheese – Live at Bandito’s

KT – Lucid Dream About Ray Stebbing  – The Harmony of Spheres

TLVS – Deep Persimmon, Part One (live)Harding & Main Fest (Harding Street Assembly Lab)

AdGRod – Kavanaw, Man– Hatest Hits (self released)

Angels vs Aliens – KittyPurr – 7 of Science

Catacomb Summer – Wild Animals Chew You Up (redux) – Ellipsoids

Opin – Pressure Temp (unreleased)

Elizabeth Owens – Try (unplugged)Still Coming of Age (Grimalkin Records)

Timothy Bailey & The Humans – A Bunch of Purple Iris (self released)

The Colloquial Orchestra – Guacamole – Live at Bandito’s

KT – Between Reality and Imagination (Difficult Solution) – The Harmony of Spheres

Jonathan Vassar – Kerr LakeTrue Places Never Are (self released)

Another Face – Weak Constitution – Shelf (self released)

Catacomb Summer – Arrows of Snow – Arrows of Snow

Hoax Hunters – Orbit (Live 10/21/17)

Justin David Brown – StrawberriesTraipse Into It (self released)

Greg Garner – In the Mirror (self released)

Angels vs Aliens – October – 7 of Science

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Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Cherub Records