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Brand new double album from legendary Australian drunk punks Cosmic Psychos. Included is a CD with new songs as well as a bonus disc of “red hot Psychos classics”.

Crap’n’Shite magazine Germany, says this ground breaking album Glorious Bastards from The Cosmic Psychos, is the best release since the Beatles Sgt Peppers.
Apparently they wouldn’t be surprised if it broke Pink Floyd’s record length of stay in the Billboard charts.
There are numerous reports that Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince are seething that they didn’t write this album.
It just so happens that the Psycho’s are planning to tour this album for the next 23 years and are looking forward to being the first rock band to tour the moon.
The new album Glorious Bastards was produced by the band and the Ben Cousins of the music industry Lindsay Gravina. This album was painstakingly recorded and mixed in 5 days
ensuring that there are many more free beer, drink riders to come their way.
The Tote Hotel


  1. Nice Day To Go The Pub
  2. Battlewitch

3. Hate, Drunkenness, Vandalism, Demolition
4. Hoon
5. Enmore Backender
6. Please Sir (Can I Have Some More)
7. Bull At A Gate

  1. 3rd Strike
  • Nude Sheilas On Motorbikes Drinking Beer

  • Watchbox Road (Fucked In The Truck)

  • Tossing The Kaber

  • Wake Up Rocket

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