2011 Music Release Highlight – Parts & Labor – Constant Future (Jagjaguwar)
2011 Music Release Highlight – Parts & Labor – Constant Future (Jagjaguwar)

2011 Music Release Highlight – Parts & Labor – Constant Future (Jagjaguwar)

“Constant Future” is fifth full-length from Brooklyn, NY trio Parts & Labor. It came out on March 8th on Jagjaguwar label.

After nearly 10 years together, Brooklyn trio Parts & Labor has its basic sound down cold. They’re a curious hybrid, combining a Lightning Bolt sonic sensibility with a Foo Fighters gift for melody. If you’ve spent any time going to noise shows in scuzzy basements or dank warehouse apartments, you’ll recognize plenty of the ingredients they use: trebley keyboard-squeals, busy drum thunder, bellowed stentorian vocals. But they always put this stuff in the service of huge, meaty, cathartic songs, often building up to the sort of fists-up crescendos that used to move arenas in the 1990s. Parts & Labor have plenty of songs you can hum in a shower– certainly not something you can say about most of their Brooklyn contemporaries. Within America’s noise-rock underground, Parts & Labor are a rare beast: A band that cares more about rock than noise, and a band that actually makes sure their noise pushes their rock harder.

In fact, if you are looking for a criticism of Constant Future it is probably this; there isn’t much variety on show here. Each song has an electronic hook, pounding drums and anthemic vocals: there are no quiet interludes, no acoustic guitars or string sections on show here. Constant Future is the sound of a band who, after nearly ten years together, are comfortable with their sound, who know exactly what they’re good at and sound like they’re having great fun doing it.
Drowned In Sound

1. Fake Names
2. Outnumbered
3. Constant Future
4. A Thousand Roads
5. Rest
6. Pure Annihilation
7. Skin and Bones
8. Echo Chamber
9. Without a Seed
10. Bright White
11. Hurricane
12. Never Changer
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