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Going over the songs from Boston/NE of 2018 that caught our attention – one last time!
New Aura – Deja Vu
Lewis M. (feat. Bethany Killian) – Therapy
Marissa Nadler – I Can’t Listen to Gene Clark Anymore
People Like You – Better 2 B Dead
Federico Balducci – Floor 1(Hakodesh)
Nicholas Burgess – Sugar Plum
Gozu – Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
girih – Haumea
Gary War – G.S.T.
OroborO – Demogorgon
Odd Cosmic – Out the Airlock
Daughters – City Song
Burial Grid – Varna Airport
Tomtsu – 128
Pushflowers – Dreamshapes
Triple Tea – 1994
Oceans of the Moon – Hope Will Pass
Buff Jesus – Comfy Cushy
Phoniks – Day Break
Boston Cream – Elevator Eyes
Me in Capris – Cookout
The Blues Dream Box – Tinder Girl
Worshipper – Night Child
Crystal Canyon – Dim
Waveform – Clipper
Inspector 34 – Terrified
Prefab Messiahs – The Man Who Killed Reality
Intercourse – Naugatuck’s Alright If You Like Suboxone
Perhaps – Master Destroyer I & II (Third)
Zoe Keating – Icefloe

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