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100 Great Songs From Boston and New England of 2018 – 41-70

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Third part of a roundup of our favorite songs from Boston/New England of 2018! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Guiding Wave – Instrument

Whatever that instrument is, its the right kind of instrument – the one that pumps out ton of energy and killer angular rhythms.

Further Reading: Sophie’s Floorboard

Orr – Hymnal

More walls that could make this world better, not worse

See our review of Sleep Tranmission by Empathy Family, RI duo that includes Jack Williams (aka Orr)

Virusse – Bitterchild

This year’s output from Virusse can be divided into two camps – drone ambient and friendly electronic music. This falls squarely into the second camp and brings to mind Bjork circa Human Behavior.

See guest mix by Thou that includes Singular Form by Virusse (aka Mindy Stock / Vitka).

Further Reading: Heathen Harvest | Sea Song + Root

Ourselves Alone – Stiff Jazz

Bursting at the seams with all that prog rock juiciness.

Further Reading: Fecking Bahamas | CT Scramble

Lys Guillorn – Tinctoria

Sweet little tribute to dyeing (not morbid about it at all – its a promise).

Further Reading: The Partially Examined Life | New Haven Independent

Kiss Concert – Party Tonight

This is a strange (but fascinating) kind of party (not thee strangest, but close) – the one where shadows of Slint and Ativin can be clearly seen in the background.

Further Reading: Performer Mag | Post-Trash

The Hello Stranger – The Romancer

Down into the deepest/darkest depths of infernal romance.

Further Reading: Boston Hassle

The New Pollution – Kiss the System

Yes, they are named after Beck song and they do resemble Beck as demonstrated here (not that its a bad thing, mind you).

Mountain Movers – This City

Lumbering and slightly sinister Bardo Pond-channeling psychedelia with swirling vocals (could it be that they’re coming from the mountain?).

Further Reading: Safety Meeting | Raven Sings the Blues

Hands and Knees – Children Levitate

Could this be a missing b-side from Mollusk? Even if not its very brown still.

Further Reading: The Boston Calendar

Birthday Ass – Fruit Toot

An acid dream full of trumpets talking some incredibly strange things into your ear.

Further Reading: Sound of Boston

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Mika Says

Intense, borderline psychotic and quite impressive – there’s feeling somewhere beneath that boiling anger.

Further Reading: Bearded Gentlemen Music | The 405

Tuft – Louise

I’ll try not to look the mirror in the eyes

Further Reading: The Artery / WBUR

Dogtooth – Secrets

One of those rare secrets that is worth keeping

Nick Minieri – Uneven Surfaces

Transporting you to that magic place where Orb and Orbital still very much rule the universe.

Further Reading: DigBoston | Earmilk

Sidney Gish – Sophisticated Space

Charming crude lo-fi pop – probably the only song written in 2018 that references MFA (or ever?).

Further Reading: The Alternative | Hand Me the Aux

Fiddlehead – Spousal Loss

Bringing back a bit of that 90s post-hardcore fire to lit the gloomy landscape of modern rock.

Baerd – Out of the

A creature straight out of Tom Waits universe (minus the famous bourbon-soaked voice and plus more atmospherics).

Michael Christmas – These Days

Days went from being just plain strange to utterly crazy, but thankfully there’s tonic like this to make them seem less so

Prior Panic – Finicky Things

Its probably completely accidental, but first minute of this brought back memories of Long Fin Killie – any band that can achieve this feat nowadays is God in IHN’s book (or close to it, at least)

Vein – Virus://Vibrance

Massive brawl between Atari Teenage Riot, Static-X and Dillinger Escape Plan with no clear winner in sight

Aisha Burns – I Thought I Knew You Well

Gorgeous seeds growing out of a crushing loss/grief

Pet Fox – Staying In

A sweet indie pop/rock treat with a propulsive, complex rhythm that seems like it will keep going even after the song will stop

Mal Devisa – If You Are Waiting

Still proudly carrying a banner of formula-free/genre-defying songwriting

Anjimile – Green

Green is good / so is accepting yourself for who you are

Solarein – Neon Demons

Fighting those demons in the city of the future with the most advanced sonic weapons available

Bat House – Endless Stair

Alice surely would’ve appreciated that stair – it keeps twisting and turning and morphing into something…else and its quite enchanting to watch/her

Aubrey Haddard – Seaweed & Sand

The ocean brought in this refreshing Hendrixian breeze

Human Flourishing – Sunways

Some very interesting sounds coming out of Butt, India (that’s somewhere in Connecticut – hold on, I’m going to get my map)

Darryl Blood – Red Room

Darryl from Turkish Delight walking us through labyrinths of darkness

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