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Second part of songs from Boston and New England of 2018 we love! Part 1 can be found here.
Karman Voh – If Only Apart
This is the kind of wall we need – the one consisting entirely of blissful noise

Red Shaydez – Self-Care ’18
This one got the message (and vital one at that) – something that’s missing from much of today’s hip-hop

Far Corners – Crawling Back
Back to the good days of post-punk with intentionally dirty guitar soundz and murky/lo-fi production that feels as if you can touch the walls of the basement where this was recorded

Ronan – New Flags
Darker pop that may or may not have been an influenced by Whitey Bulger

Plant 9000 – Stupid Goat
Sounds like a missing B-side from early Beck or Ween – very brown, indeed

Mokamazo – True
No relation to Spandau Ballet (thankfully), but some nice VU/Nico vibes emanating from both the song and the artwork

Brother Toaster – Trimmin’ Trees
The process of trimming trees may not be terribly psychedelic in itself, but there’s something hypnotic and (dare we say it) magical happening here

Armando Gonzalez Sosto – Se Va
Colorful ambient pop with a latin flavor – very tasty brew, to say the least

Harvey Garbage – Beau Deadly
Hitting on that same swampy groove that Gun Club had

Not to be confused with other Adult, this Adult is rather weird, but that’s just fine with us – they like killer clowns and donning zebra costumers onstage, among other things

Violet Nox – AxA
Space is still thee place and VN is your captain (with Sun Ra being present in spirit)

Morne – To the Night Unknown
Your handy audio companion for endtimes

Neck – Baited
Strong echoes of Brothers Quay and HNIA abound in this spooky piece of glitch-witchery (yes, that is a made up word)

WKEAH – Baseball Glove
VU, noise, doom, psych and punk rock produced an interesting baby – the one willing to play your next house show (don’t miss out on this offer)

Selfserv – The Escape
Another glimpse into a catchy universe of beats and rhythms created by Vlad – this one celebrating both his birth and the birth of hip-hop

Off Axis – Follow Me
Fighting against injustice one trombone at a time

Leopard Print Taser – Pushed
Picture this – Karen O and Courtney Love start a supergroup

E – The Projectionist
Extra meaty grooves from Thalia, Jason and Gavin

Muddy Wires – A Birded Unshorn Hoot, Oh Fly Bold Sir Rib
Nurse With Wound-level mindfuckery from Listening Woman and James Staub (aka Muddy Wires)

My Mother’s Moustache – Seasons
No relation to Chris Cornell song of the same name, but the melancholic vibe is very similar

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