Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 41-60
Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 41-60

Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 41-60

Glenn Jones – Mother’s Day
When talented bunnies communicate with the spirit of John Fahey

Alosi Den – As You Were / Soft Descent
Piano and voice driven mystery / a swirl of voices chasing after you

Birdwatching – Shukra
Melodic bridge to 90s alt rock

Lewis M – Give Up the Ghost
Don’t give up the ghost just yet (even when darkness got a hold)

Y-Vreese – We Want
I want the funk, you want the funk, we all want that funk, the distorted kind especially

Jack Romanov – Radio
Rock’n’roll for a good cause

Barbwalters – 1993
Feels more like 70s captured in a loop

Brendan PM – Radar
Some high quality electronic funk made in the wee hours of the morning

Pop Freak – All Day
Some quirky electro pop from this Pop Freak

Black Beach – No Place For Me
Short but sweet Bleach-y rock action

Mal Devisa – Fire
A fascinating reflection on causes of fire in the brain

Magellan – Razor
So this is what it feels like to swallow a razor and live to tell the (6-minute) tale

King AI – 58
The smell of J Dilla’s donuts in the morning

Mar Malade – I Sing in Humble Praise
Deeply spiritual chillhop – as warm and sweet as a cup of tea

Arms and Sleepers – Dex
Sweet summer breeze and a couple of cocktails to escape the grind

Baron – Daddy’s Home
I, for one, welcome my mechanical overlord of a Daddy

Marissa Nadler – Katie I Know
Makes me wish I knew Katie as well – something otherworldly and slightly mysterious about her

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea – Robert Wilmott
The immense thunder is here to remind you that the lack of vocals isn’t always a bad thing

And Then There Was One – Watch the World Burn
An appropriately dark song for trying times (and a spiritual companion to Mal Devisa’s “Fire”)

Eu La – Indoor Pool Session
Like gentle raindrops pelting your window


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