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100 Pounds Of Black Olives

Sev Acher

Souvenirs From Jangere

Plaster Cupids From The Ceiling

Amazon One

The Beauty Of Benghazi

Wild World Of Animals

Harmful Little Armful (For Will Shatter)

The Fine-Tuned Machines Of Lemuria

Associated Entries: Sun City Girls

With a tragic death of SCG member Charlie Gocher in 2007, the band more or less ceased to exist. However, given their lengthy history together, one can’t help but wonder if the band still have some unreleased/rare material in the vaults (and they sure do). “You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette” (subtitled “Sun City Girls Singles Volume 1) shares its name with the band’s 1990 7″ single and collects the material from afromentioned single, as well as “Three Fake Female Orgasms” EP (1991) and three tracks from 1994 box set/compilation “Bruce Lee, Heroin And The Punk Scene”.

In their review of the record, Pitchfork characterized SCG’s music as “a heady, diverse and lovingly fucked-up mixture of arcane musical styles.” and gave a record 8 stars out of 10, while PopMatters website was more harsh and  gave it 3 out of 10 stars, saying “Unfortunately for the band, there was a reason why these songs didn’t make the original recording: it seems that every musician is doing their own thing without regard to the others” and some of the best tracks on “You’re Never Alone…” are those with an actual structure. All in all, however, the record mostly got positive reviews and more of band’s rare/unreleased material will most likely appear in the future.

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