10 Releases From A Departing Year – No Age – Nouns
10 Releases From A Departing Year – No Age – Nouns

10 Releases From A Departing Year – No Age – Nouns





Teen Creeps

Things I Did When I Was Dead



Sleeper Hold

Errand Boy

Here Should Be My Home

Impossible Bouquet

Ripped Knees

Brain Burner

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“Nouns” became a first record that No Age (a duo of Dean Sprunt and Randy Randall) produced for Sub Pop, former home of the likes of Soundgarden and Nirvana.  It was preceded by unusual move by the band – they released 5 singles on 5 different labels on the same day, March 26, 2007.
Pitchfork Media gave it 9.2 starts out of 10 and noted that “Listening to Nouns, it’s hard to comprehend how just two people can manage to make so much noise while still sounding so subdued and mysterious– it’s easier to imagine Randall and Spunt spewing these songs underwater, bursting forth from some colossal California quarry rather than a tiny, stuffy art space a few blocks from L.A.’s skid row. Nouns is so cacophonous, so fertile, and so ripe with sound that parsing out the samples and effects and various layers of guitar is nearly impossible; besides, it’s way more satisfying to just close your eyes and just enjoy it.” The album was also listed on Rolling Stone magazine list of 50 best albums of 2008.
Blender website gave the album 3.5 stars out of 5 and reported that “At living-room volume, Nouns suggests a Sonic Youth jam of two-minute songs, or My Bloody Valentine inhibiting serotonin uptake the vegan way” and Twisted Ear described it as “Nouns is the sound of pavement raging against the machine, the sound of a city, a season in revolt.”
MP3s – Eraser / Everybody’s Down
Reviews: All Music Guide / Blender / Crawdaddy! / Pitchfork Media

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