10 Interviews From 2017
10 Interviews From 2017

10 Interviews From 2017

* Interview by IHN
** Interview by Thor Maillet
*** Interview by IHN / Thor Maillet taken at Hopscotch
**** Interview by Andrea Feldman / Warped Reality Magazine
***** Phone interview by IHN / Thor Maillet
Video Footage / Playlists
Lee Ranaldo – Live at Once Somerville
Interview with Sound of Ceres
Playlist – Turkish Delight – Tommy Bell
Shane Parish – Ain’t No Grave (Live at Hopscotch)
Jock Gang – Live at Hopscotch
Ziemba – Live at Deep Thoughts JP
Thank you
Shameless PR / Shauna McLarnon
Vicious Kid PR / Perry Serpa
Kool Things PR


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