Stream – Eu La’s “Return” EP

Eu La is Jacob Schwartz of Sadha (and countless other projects whose records appeared on his netlabel Mt. Thunder Records). Return is the latest in the series of EPs that Eu La put out since July and its a fine demonstration of the idea that ambient doesn’t always have to mean sonic wallpaper (blame Brian Eno for […]

Stream – Localz Only Fall Mixtape 2015

Fallston Pudding got a brand new mixtape which features tracks by two Hassle Fest 7 participants/BBE favorites (Channels and Black Beach) and a number of new faces (Just Mel, Ursula, Leigh Cheri and Aneurysm, to name just a few). Oh, and there’s also a cover of Dicks miscreant anthem Hate the Police (not to confuse with similarly […]