100 Great Singles From New England of 2016 – 11-20

Magic Shoppe – Salventius A disturbingly captivating collision of cars in the outer space Interstellar Car Crash E.P. by Magic Shoppe James Discovers – Born Desire The first of four new JD numbers – the one in which “desire” isn’t rhymed with “higher” or “fire” (thankfully) numbers (Four Selections) by James Discovers Violet Intent – Manic Pixie […]

Fresh Local Produce – Full Circle – Commonwealth Women Up Front compilation (Static Motor)

Here’s something new to sink your teeth into – a compilation of all-female acts from Massachusetts!!! “Expertly curated and features compelling music from start to finish. It’s a great way to sample the best of Boston’s female driven indie scene.” — Floorshime Zipper Boots An idea born out of our Indie Music Boston SoundCloud group. 10 tracks […]

Calendar of Events – Out of the Blue Too Gallery (February 2016)

The mission of Out of the Blue Gallery is to organize, support, and present to the public at large the creative efforts of local artists, musicians, and more from our community. The gallery encourages artists of all backgrounds to share with us and celebrate the uniqueness they bring from different cultures, genders, ages and academic […]