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Their contribution: Disappear

Bloody Knives is an industrial shoegaze group from Austin, Texas consisting of Preston Maddox(bass, voice, keyboards, samples, programming), Jake McCown(Drums, noise, programming, art) and Jim Moon (sound manipulator). The band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies.

Band members also run Killredrocketrecords label, which put out the records by BK, Joy Bus, Laserz, Between The Cities Are Stars as well as numerous free compilations.


Bloody Knives EP (Killredrocket, 2009)

Burn It All Down (Killredrocket, 2010)

Me You Us Them / Bloody Knives Split 7″ (Triple Down + Killredrocket, 2011)

Disappear (Killredrocket, 2011)

Visit Bloody Knives: Facebook | BandCamp | | Soundcloud

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